Dont believe me?

May 17, 2007
Listen to her speech!!!

"If that happens, take the blessing and run with it!"

Hit me right in the forehead and reminded me not to look a gift horse in the mouth.
I started my job yesterday!!!! (as much as I would love to give every tiny detail down to my reunion with the Culture Crew and my cousin asking had I went to church when I come home in all black and a updo, no can do:)
And I also have a fabulous apartment and roommate . . .the first one I looked at when I got here, the first one I ever called. Crazy, right? She already even has the great dining table that's perfect for Teacakes (me and Whit's literary circle we'd love you to join if you're in NYC:).

Now I just need a summer boo:) . . .And pray I get one of these as a graduation gift!


*i promise to get over myself and blog about real stuff . . .like eh eh Umbrella but Im just really overwhelmed with life right now. fa real. Thanks for your patience and I promise to get it together. And thanks to you beautiful people like Elle and Shani and Mikey and Whitney and La who keep me grinding. Come visit me, soon!!!!


  1. jameil1922 said...:

    not umbrella! yuck! ok we're on the outs right now b/c you introed me to that bracelet and its sold out. *throws down mic* (its my signature) hurray for loving jobs and apts and starting bookclubs/literary circles.

  1. Elle* said...:

    Girl, who cares what you write about! We are happy you are doing good and every thing is FAB Ms. Howard University Grad/Essence Staff member! (lol) Congrats on the APT. And I am sooo down to be a Teacake ;)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    sure you ve gotten lots of congratulations with graduatuing and getting ur dream job hope everything works out well for u. i dont know what happened the last time we spoke if i did something wrong it was not my intent. again congrats on the new spot and enjoy urself dont let the bright lights of nyc get to u

  1. queen-to-be said...:

    Jameil . . .my bad about the bracelet:)
    Elle . . .welcome to Teacakes!!!
    Tommy . . .Thanks, like really. You were always so mature and we do need to talk! And it definitely wasnt you. If you learn anything from this blog, Im crazy:)! I still brag on the amazing time we had in Baltimore. Talk to you later