Soul Plane LIVES

January 31, 2007

This is your friendly Queen speaking, you are now free to move about this blog. Bing.

Flying Into Atlanta on Saturday. .. non eventful.

No star spottings. Still can't believe my friend's roommate Colt randomly saw my Andre 3000 heading through the airport solo, chilling and grabbing Arby's. I looked but he wasn't there . . .lol

Gorgeous Day.

Absouletely beatuiful and sunny in the dead of winter.
People coming and going and me just happy I had a ride coming.

Time for Self Reflection.
You really like color. Like, really love color. Is that a knick on my left boot? Will my cuz hurry up? Dang it's pretty out here but this breeze is picking up.

Flying back Monday night . . . my most unforgettable flight. So flying on a budget ( it's hard to beat $69 each way) I'm flying Airtran - a faithful Delta flyer. But the check-in at Hartsfield had been upgraded and my gate had a Moe's next to it that I was grateful to grab a veggie burito from.

So I get on the plane.

A sign should have said:

With a $69 ticket I didn't get to pick my seat before hand and was in the very last row on the aisle and I was just happy not to be in the middle. So I head to the back of the bus and notice a black bald flight attendant helping a lady put a suitcase up across from my seat. She sits. I start to put my coat up anticipating him to help me.

The Name Game
He just stands back and watches me. I finish. I prepare to sit. He opens his mouth.

"Hey Tameka," he says. I just look and scrunch my freshly waxed brows.
He continues "Oh, you just look like a Tameka"
I grunt and sit down. Five seconds later he calls me and butchers my real name. I smile. He's looking down at a plane roster and says "I knew I'd get a smile out of you" and starts a full convo and Im thinking he's trying to hit on me. That is until i notice his wrist is hanging and his neck moves a lot. *Pic= my face when he calls me Tameka*

The Flight Attendants
So the flight attendant then goes to help prepare for take off. Two black female attendants come by our row at different times and ask me and the lady sitting next to me the same thing. "Why we ain't bring them no food?" The first one pulls out her bourghetto card and says that's alright cuz she has till-lap-ia she just bought. Then she goes and gets on the loud speaker to start the "in case of emergency" spill. I notice bald attendant standing up in the middle of the plane. She then says on the loud speaker, "Our wonderful attendant, Lamarr, with two 'R's, will show you how to properly use an air mask" Me and my seat mate just look at each other and burst out laughing.
He comes back once he's finish and we say "hey Lamarr with two R's" he tries to act embarrassed but I can tell he likes it. He admits he does, says how a friend in NY gave him the nickname and "don't forget the capital M." The pilot comes on the loudspeaker

The Pilot
I don't remember ever having a black pilot and my first one was definitely memorable. So he gets on the speaker,
"This is your pilot, Luther"
He continues his pilot spill as me and the other black people around shoot glances. He then asks if their was anyone from "Francouis" and we know Luther is down . . .and hope the plane stays up . . .lol.
Exiting the plane he definitely looks like a Luther (whatever that means) and my seatmate confirms it "We just rode on Soul Plane" I agree and wonder how I was so lucky! That was the most fun I've had in the sky flying solo.

LaMarr kept talking to me the whole flight and I met a real life Luther, who happen to be my first black pilot. My only issue: Do l really look like a Tameka?????

My Most Sincere Apologies . . . well, as sincere as a Queen can be:)

January 28, 2007
It's Sunday night and I owe lots and lots of apologies. I'm one of those people who's quick to say "I'm sorry" for everything from accidentally stepping on your already broken pencil to intentionally stealing your man (not that I would ever do anything like that, I think). But today I have some really sincere apologies so let's get started . . .

My deepest apology . . . . .. to MOMMY DEAREST
So if you read any of the last few posts I had some unresolved feelings with my tree, my mom. Well, I still never got that "im sorry" but twenty-two years of putting up with a chic like me is a measure of love in itself. I came home yesterday for the weekend (more on the weekend forthcoming) and really had stuff put in perspective, like, what serious family drama in as we go through some serious drama. And I'm not just sorry because she is a bonafide movie star now! Like I told ya, my church is THE church in Tyler Perry's New flick "Daddy's Little Girl"

My deepest apology . . .if I keep saying MY CHURCH IS IN THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!
I'm like really excited because I went to church today (Sunday school and all) and they always treat me like a real rock star. I've been going to Wheat Street Baptist Church my WHOLE life. My mom will tell u stories of how me and my brother use to fight when she had us up in the choir loft with her beloved gospel choir - the same choir loft you can spot her in when u go check out the sexy Idris in the movie. But the funniest part is that my church is cool but not nearly as bumping as it once was. My pastor always criticizes "prosperity preachers" around the city and just guess who's the pastor of our church in the movie? None other than Eddie Long himself! *This is the only church scene I could find from the movie so far but you know I'll be supplying others:)

My deepest apology . . . to Beyonce and her "actor's perspective"
So my mom still hadn't seen Dreamgirls and asked me to go with her to see it today. Now, my love affair with Dreamgirls is slowly getting scarier. Last week when Mikey went to Best Buy I had him get the soundtrack for me - The deluxe one with ALL the songs! Even when I was all sad Friday I was humming "Dreamgirls will never leave you, we'll be therreree." And in Judo class I'm humming "Heavy Heavy." And Jimmy does want more and I'm really not going anywhere so let me get to the point. So when mom suggested a Sunday matinee I was excited like I hadn't seen it twice - and had the bootleg my brother gave me. Now, I know the main reason she wanted me to go was in hopes of seeing herself in the preview of Daddy's Little Girls they didn't even show. You know I loved it all over again and each time I keep noticing things I didn't realize the first. Like, did you notice Tank was in the choir singing backup on "Patience"? But the biggest change for me the third time around was Beyonce'. I think I was a little harsh. . . she was committed to the character . . .even if she wasn't as feisty as Deena could have been . . .or Academy Award/Golden Globe best actress worthy. But she held it together and I have to give her that! Though seeing it again and how Jennifer opens, closes and does all in between the movie makes me frustrated that she is considered the "supporting" actress. But it got her the globe and hopefully the Oscar so we'll definitely take it. Doesn't she look really good here? Like she could be one of Destiny's Children . . .I LOVE JENNIFER HUDSON! I LOVE MY B TOO!

My last and most solemn apology . . . .Please don't be mad if I cut you for looking to hard at my husband!
Now, I'm no groupie (dying last words, right?), but damn. Brian J. White is gorgeous. I first noticed him across the room checking me out as he was acting as a most beautiful big brother in a screening of Stomp the Yard. I was hooked and thought someone was just teasing me and going to give me him for my upcoming birthday (It's in two weeks! yay!) . . .or atleast just his back. That back. wow. That back.
But no, he's a real actor and popped up in the preview for Daddy's Little Girl playing one of Gabrielle Union's ex's I think . . see how everything comes full circle, or maybe the world for black actor's is really really small. So I google my boo, as I would do any potential hubby, and see he's been hiding in plain site! He was in that straight to DVD with my beloved Regine Hunter (who I got my official MySpace quote from: "I'm everything I pretend to be"), Mr. 3000, and even Trois, along with other movies. So yeah, I think I might be in love. And I'm so serious about that apology because I'd hate to have to cut you, but I'm sure you understand.

Queen. . .But you can just call me Mrs. White

*queentobe.blogspot.com's one year anniversary is coming . . ..which happens to be my 22nd Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! can ya dig it? wayyy random, but what cha doing for valentine's? Im trying to stay encouraged . . .

I hate this place

January 26, 2007
I HATE when I let situations and people make me a person I don't want to be. I hate that more than anything. I Hate when people power trip. I just got back to my room after cussing and venting the whole way back to by best friend about my bad afternoon.
So yeah, I do love my school and think you should maybe even send your kids here. But I dont like the reality of the pretentious-ass people who make there way here, as well. There's this guy who works here and plays a pretty important role in the lives of students and he has a full out facebook profile. I'm not talking friendly Ms. Freeman type that just wants to bond with students they see as children. Im talking posting pictures, poking people and signing walls like a student. Dude, you need to get a life.
So said weirdo calls me after I drop something off that I need to help out a group of lovely people I heart. And says I don't have the right paperwork to proceed. That's fine. But what isn't is him having to say "well u have an hour and 49 minutes to get it done" and then making it seem like I did this form soooo wrong when I had all the info, just hadn't put it in a spreadsheet. So being the school that it is I have to go to another office to see why a paper I turned in almost two months ago isn't on file.
I get there. Neither of the two real employees I need is in so im stuck telling my issue to a student helper. She's sitting behind one of the real worker's desk and there's a heavy guy and his big bubble coat sitting in the seat next to the door where I am standing. She offers me to sit down. I politely say 'No, thanks." I'm really fighting to be sweet because this isnt anymore her fault than it is mine. And I did not want to be squished in the corner in the seat on the other side of the guy. She then stops whats she's doing and tells me again with attitude to sit down. Then mumbles this may take a while. I still stand, shocked she is being so rude . . .then remember this is all a part of that Power Trip that sometimes gets in the water around here. I keep standing big guy leaves but his big bubble coat is still in the chair hanging over the other seat. I say "I will grab a mint" and grab one and get back to my spot.
She continues forward on her Power Trip and once again ask me to sit down. I say "Is it really bothering you that I prefer to stand?" "yes," she says "this may take a while." I say how Im not trying to be all under dudes coat so she moves it. So I just sit baffled that my comfort had become such an issue of contention. Maybe standing for 5 minutes would kill her but it was helping me in trying to be sane and civil. It's not like I am standing over her. I just prefer to stand and why is that affecting you?
She looks and looks and looks and the form I know I turned in and walked to the right person myself has somehow disappeared. Im frustrated. Im tired. I wish I just had have stayed standing.
Then she starts asking questions. What's the group about? Magazines. That's what you planning to do? No, I just started a group, been president since my freshman year is what that mean devil on my right side says. The sane girl in me stalls. She keeps asking me questions getting more interested in the fact that I interned for mama Essence and wrote for them and keeps looking for a form we both know is not where it should be, in the big binder she is flipping through.
Why do people do stuff like that? You don't have to be an ass to me to feel great, I promise. Life can be good without you trying to make mine bad. After already being super-sensitive to power-trippers after dealing with mom dukes, this really isn't how I wanted to spend my Friday afternoon. If I don't want the cake, then damn it,I just don't want the cake. Why would you try to stuff it down my throat?

Baffled Queen.
Sorry for the Ehore post . . .it was either this or cry . . .and they ain't worth my tears. right?

Slipping on my Pimping

January 22, 2007
But I guess you would have to be a pimp first to slip and my game these days leaves much to be desired. Do you like me or are u just playing with my emotions ? . . . excuse me, I meant to say I'm sorry to be such a wayward blogger so early in the year. But i promise it's not because I don't have much to talk about but the complete opposite. I'll do a quick catch up . . .

* What's a Ski Trip with no snow???
That's what me and bad girl realized over the MLK Holiday.

* Everybody loves Freelance Writing . . .HUHHH (to the beat of Kung fu fighting:)
So yeah, true to my wish for this new year I have been freelancing and doing pretty good if I do say so myself. While home for break and seeing my baby Andre on the cover of Atlanta goodlife magazine and got inspired to right to my hometown mag for upscale black folks. But true the main reason I cant stand myself sometime . . .I procrastinated on both and did a pretty good job, but turned them in on the day they were due. And as I was working I got a small assignment for Heart & Soul, were I was interning last semester. I cant find a pic of the new cover with Erykah Badu but the issue is GOOD, and not just cuz I have taxes tips on pg 72 and was the perfect companion flying after I realized I left my ipod. I have one final assignment I turned in that I want to tell u about but will wait till its posted cuz Im really excited and interested in what people thing . . .was I a bad girl? a sell-out to the woman race?

*Parents STILL just don't understand
Went home for the weekend to have minor surgery. Im fine and my ovaries are even better and Im FERTILE! While home I realized why I dont enjoy being in my mom's house while Im home. She straight bitched me out Saturday morning and you know it was bad because Im still sulking and I rarely remember why Im mad or hold grudges. I had just talked to this relationship therapist for an article and was saying the #1 reason couples have problems is they say hurtful things to each other and space begins to mount. It aint rocket science, kids don't like to be around mean people and we all just big kids.
So after I realize I cant stay in that house another second, I leave the house and with no transportation get the walking. My cousin living with us and my mom's companion #2 after my brother yells out "Where you going?" "Why?" I bark back. I keep walking. At the main street A jeep comes barreling down the street laying on his horn at me. I guess he was too busy looking at me to notice a car was stopped about to turn into the neighborhood across the street. He slams into it and messes up her car and his. I turn around defeated and convinced I should have been wearing a "I'm with Trouble" shirt and not wanting that guy to see me since he might have blamed me for his own error . . .on to my other parent, JP. As rose-tinted as my dad can be, he always makes me feel like a rock star. Like a beautiful rock star. Doesnt he look so good in the sweatshirt and hat I bought him? excuse the cheetah girl and her topsy turvy 'do . . .

*Home and Harlem . . .can't they be one and the same?
So after that crazy morning I stuck with my plan to hang with my buddy Ieesha, a Teach for America chic. After leaving this racist improv show we hit Harlem Bar which I kept reading about in Uptown and Essence and Upscale magazines and knew I had to go. It was so cool, so trendy, such good music, such a nice crowd . . .so Harlem. My only advice dont be a retard after taking serious pain medicine earlier and sipping on a Vanilla Mojitio. I stopped before I got too tipsy as I was already feeling nice after five sips. Next time u should come with~!

Drama Queen#2 . . . .my 7 year old sister got the first one on lock!

It's not from Dreamgirls . . .

January 3, 2007
. . .but the Soundtrack to my life is worthy of a listen too:)

Stolen from the lovely Shani O . Perfect for an enjoyable evening of boredom

The Rules:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool...

Opening Credits: "Amazing Grace," Destiny's Child - Great way to start anything giving credit where it's due! (and you know I love my Beyonce and crew:)

Waking Up: "All I Know," Cee-Lo & Fieldmob on Greg Street's 6 o'clock Vol I - Many mornings I do feel I done been down this road before. Love this song and gotta start the day reppin for da A:)

First Day At School: "Conceited (Dirty), " Remy Ma - Not the best way to start school if you want any friends . . . . but you know everybody pull out there best for the first day so "Look at yourself in the mirror like what-da-f*ck"

Falling In Love: ..."Crazy over you," 112 - Perfect:)

Fight Song: "SpottieOttieDopaliscious," - Outkast.
Lol. "Who else wanna f*ck with Hollywood Coal?" I love it!

Breaking Up: "I only have eyes for you," - Ella Fitzgerald - Um...

Prom: "Crazy," K-Ci & Jo Jo - from Save the Last Dance, one of my fave movies in high school. . . and now:)

Life is Good: "If I was a Bird," Floetry - Life IS Good and the only flying Im trying to do is across the country and the world

Mental Breakdown: "Intro," Lupe Fiasco - Well, food and liquor are great comforts during a breakdown . . .

Driving: "If only for one night," Luther Vandross - How I feel about driving cuz I much rather be chauffeured . . .And if I ever am paid that's the first thing Im getting myself

Flashback: "That's the Way Love Goes," Janet - The other Miss Jackson if ya nasty. Remember this song and the video even though I was only a youngin.

Getting Back Together: "Baby Baby," Brandy - don't cha know that your so fine. lmao. guess it could work.

Wedding: "Flava in Ya Ear" Craig Mack - naw, my big day will be pretty classic chic. No bridesmaids in tracksuits!

Birth of Child: "I had a dream," Joss Stone - Awww, this is really sweet song for my little one-to-be:).

Final Battle: "We're not making love," Dru Hill - lol, I dont know. I plan on going out with a bang!

Funeral Song: "Tuxedo Junction," Miles Davis - That would suck for a funeral song.

End Credits: "I'm so into you," SWV - Definitely how I feel about life

**Keep the theft alive!!**

Musical Shares (
1. How does the world see me? "Work it Out," Beyonce - I'll take it. You wanna see me work huh?

2. Will I have a happy life? "I'll be loving You Always," Stevie Wonder. - can never go wrong with Stevie:)

3. What do my friends really think of me? "Movin' On," Mya Feat. Silk the Shocker - hope that just means my move to NY . . and not that my friends are moving on from me. Wait, are my friends dumping me???

4. Do people secretly lust after me? "Put It On Me," Ja Rule feat. Lil Mo and Vita - Wait, I hope that's not the vibe Im putting it out, though it's feels good to be wanted:)

5. How can I make myself happy? "Whoknows," Musiq - Well, that wasn't very nice.

6. What should I do with my life? "How do I Say," Usher - journalist, that's how you say it. Editor Extradornaire!!!

7. What is some good advice for me? "Back Ache," Brooklyn. "stop standing on the wall, come on!" I spent the summer helping promote her and this song. Great advice:) check myspace!

8. How will I be remembered? "Love Rain Down on Me," Jill Scott and Mos Def - Two of my favs. Love to be remember as a loving person

9. What is my signature dancing song? "Weekend," Kelis - lol. But I like to party during the week . . .

10. What do I think my current theme song is? "Miss Independent," Kelly Clarkson. so true, so true. Can't wait to get back to school and cut the cord again from the fam

11. What does everyone else think my current theme song is? "Winner," Chris Brown - WOW, thanks guys! I love it!

12. What song will play at my funeral? "Best of Me (remix)," Mya feat. Jay Z - title great, song not so great for a funeral.

13. What type of man/woman do I like? According to my iPod? "My Love is the Shhh," Something for the People - lol. that's a start I guess

14. What is my day going to be like? "Cruisin in the ATL (interlude)" Outkast - oh yeah, oh yeah. Def how Im spending the next few days!

This was A LOT of fun (and pretty long so if you made it this far GO YOU!). Better than a 8 ball:)

Now let me get to work! Got a great assignment I'll tell you all about it if all goes well.