My Most Sincere Apologies . . . well, as sincere as a Queen can be:)

January 28, 2007
It's Sunday night and I owe lots and lots of apologies. I'm one of those people who's quick to say "I'm sorry" for everything from accidentally stepping on your already broken pencil to intentionally stealing your man (not that I would ever do anything like that, I think). But today I have some really sincere apologies so let's get started . . .

My deepest apology . . . . .. to MOMMY DEAREST
So if you read any of the last few posts I had some unresolved feelings with my tree, my mom. Well, I still never got that "im sorry" but twenty-two years of putting up with a chic like me is a measure of love in itself. I came home yesterday for the weekend (more on the weekend forthcoming) and really had stuff put in perspective, like, what serious family drama in as we go through some serious drama. And I'm not just sorry because she is a bonafide movie star now! Like I told ya, my church is THE church in Tyler Perry's New flick "Daddy's Little Girl"

My deepest apology . . .if I keep saying MY CHURCH IS IN THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!
I'm like really excited because I went to church today (Sunday school and all) and they always treat me like a real rock star. I've been going to Wheat Street Baptist Church my WHOLE life. My mom will tell u stories of how me and my brother use to fight when she had us up in the choir loft with her beloved gospel choir - the same choir loft you can spot her in when u go check out the sexy Idris in the movie. But the funniest part is that my church is cool but not nearly as bumping as it once was. My pastor always criticizes "prosperity preachers" around the city and just guess who's the pastor of our church in the movie? None other than Eddie Long himself! *This is the only church scene I could find from the movie so far but you know I'll be supplying others:)

My deepest apology . . . to Beyonce and her "actor's perspective"
So my mom still hadn't seen Dreamgirls and asked me to go with her to see it today. Now, my love affair with Dreamgirls is slowly getting scarier. Last week when Mikey went to Best Buy I had him get the soundtrack for me - The deluxe one with ALL the songs! Even when I was all sad Friday I was humming "Dreamgirls will never leave you, we'll be therreree." And in Judo class I'm humming "Heavy Heavy." And Jimmy does want more and I'm really not going anywhere so let me get to the point. So when mom suggested a Sunday matinee I was excited like I hadn't seen it twice - and had the bootleg my brother gave me. Now, I know the main reason she wanted me to go was in hopes of seeing herself in the preview of Daddy's Little Girls they didn't even show. You know I loved it all over again and each time I keep noticing things I didn't realize the first. Like, did you notice Tank was in the choir singing backup on "Patience"? But the biggest change for me the third time around was Beyonce'. I think I was a little harsh. . . she was committed to the character . . .even if she wasn't as feisty as Deena could have been . . .or Academy Award/Golden Globe best actress worthy. But she held it together and I have to give her that! Though seeing it again and how Jennifer opens, closes and does all in between the movie makes me frustrated that she is considered the "supporting" actress. But it got her the globe and hopefully the Oscar so we'll definitely take it. Doesn't she look really good here? Like she could be one of Destiny's Children . . .I LOVE JENNIFER HUDSON! I LOVE MY B TOO!

My last and most solemn apology . . . .Please don't be mad if I cut you for looking to hard at my husband!
Now, I'm no groupie (dying last words, right?), but damn. Brian J. White is gorgeous. I first noticed him across the room checking me out as he was acting as a most beautiful big brother in a screening of Stomp the Yard. I was hooked and thought someone was just teasing me and going to give me him for my upcoming birthday (It's in two weeks! yay!) . . .or atleast just his back. That back. wow. That back.
But no, he's a real actor and popped up in the preview for Daddy's Little Girl playing one of Gabrielle Union's ex's I think . . see how everything comes full circle, or maybe the world for black actor's is really really small. So I google my boo, as I would do any potential hubby, and see he's been hiding in plain site! He was in that straight to DVD with my beloved Regine Hunter (who I got my official MySpace quote from: "I'm everything I pretend to be"), Mr. 3000, and even Trois, along with other movies. So yeah, I think I might be in love. And I'm so serious about that apology because I'd hate to have to cut you, but I'm sure you understand.

Queen. . .But you can just call me Mrs. White

*queentobe.blogspot.com's one year anniversary is coming . . ..which happens to be my 22nd Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! can ya dig it? wayyy random, but what cha doing for valentine's? Im trying to stay encouraged . . .


  1. Elle* said...:

    Awwww...mother daughter relationships are extremely hard sometimes! (Yes, I know!!) I think it's cool that your church is in the film! Next movie I catch, I'm gonna be spying for her. And, I'm sorry Beyonce was still just AIGHT to me. SHe didn't suck like people said (the critics) but she wasn't memorable. She was better than I expected though.