Soul Plane LIVES

January 31, 2007

This is your friendly Queen speaking, you are now free to move about this blog. Bing.

Flying Into Atlanta on Saturday. .. non eventful.

No star spottings. Still can't believe my friend's roommate Colt randomly saw my Andre 3000 heading through the airport solo, chilling and grabbing Arby's. I looked but he wasn't there . . .lol

Gorgeous Day.

Absouletely beatuiful and sunny in the dead of winter.
People coming and going and me just happy I had a ride coming.

Time for Self Reflection.
You really like color. Like, really love color. Is that a knick on my left boot? Will my cuz hurry up? Dang it's pretty out here but this breeze is picking up.

Flying back Monday night . . . my most unforgettable flight. So flying on a budget ( it's hard to beat $69 each way) I'm flying Airtran - a faithful Delta flyer. But the check-in at Hartsfield had been upgraded and my gate had a Moe's next to it that I was grateful to grab a veggie burito from.

So I get on the plane.

A sign should have said:

With a $69 ticket I didn't get to pick my seat before hand and was in the very last row on the aisle and I was just happy not to be in the middle. So I head to the back of the bus and notice a black bald flight attendant helping a lady put a suitcase up across from my seat. She sits. I start to put my coat up anticipating him to help me.

The Name Game
He just stands back and watches me. I finish. I prepare to sit. He opens his mouth.

"Hey Tameka," he says. I just look and scrunch my freshly waxed brows.
He continues "Oh, you just look like a Tameka"
I grunt and sit down. Five seconds later he calls me and butchers my real name. I smile. He's looking down at a plane roster and says "I knew I'd get a smile out of you" and starts a full convo and Im thinking he's trying to hit on me. That is until i notice his wrist is hanging and his neck moves a lot. *Pic= my face when he calls me Tameka*

The Flight Attendants
So the flight attendant then goes to help prepare for take off. Two black female attendants come by our row at different times and ask me and the lady sitting next to me the same thing. "Why we ain't bring them no food?" The first one pulls out her bourghetto card and says that's alright cuz she has till-lap-ia she just bought. Then she goes and gets on the loud speaker to start the "in case of emergency" spill. I notice bald attendant standing up in the middle of the plane. She then says on the loud speaker, "Our wonderful attendant, Lamarr, with two 'R's, will show you how to properly use an air mask" Me and my seat mate just look at each other and burst out laughing.
He comes back once he's finish and we say "hey Lamarr with two R's" he tries to act embarrassed but I can tell he likes it. He admits he does, says how a friend in NY gave him the nickname and "don't forget the capital M." The pilot comes on the loudspeaker

The Pilot
I don't remember ever having a black pilot and my first one was definitely memorable. So he gets on the speaker,
"This is your pilot, Luther"
He continues his pilot spill as me and the other black people around shoot glances. He then asks if their was anyone from "Francouis" and we know Luther is down . . .and hope the plane stays up . . .lol.
Exiting the plane he definitely looks like a Luther (whatever that means) and my seatmate confirms it "We just rode on Soul Plane" I agree and wonder how I was so lucky! That was the most fun I've had in the sky flying solo.

LaMarr kept talking to me the whole flight and I met a real life Luther, who happen to be my first black pilot. My only issue: Do l really look like a Tameka?????


  1. shani-o said...:

    Oh, good Lord. I'm just glad you got off safely.

    And no, you don't look like a Tameka.

    ... well, actually...