Slipping on my Pimping

January 22, 2007
But I guess you would have to be a pimp first to slip and my game these days leaves much to be desired. Do you like me or are u just playing with my emotions ? . . . excuse me, I meant to say I'm sorry to be such a wayward blogger so early in the year. But i promise it's not because I don't have much to talk about but the complete opposite. I'll do a quick catch up . . .

* What's a Ski Trip with no snow???
That's what me and bad girl realized over the MLK Holiday.

* Everybody loves Freelance Writing . . .HUHHH (to the beat of Kung fu fighting:)
So yeah, true to my wish for this new year I have been freelancing and doing pretty good if I do say so myself. While home for break and seeing my baby Andre on the cover of Atlanta goodlife magazine and got inspired to right to my hometown mag for upscale black folks. But true the main reason I cant stand myself sometime . . .I procrastinated on both and did a pretty good job, but turned them in on the day they were due. And as I was working I got a small assignment for Heart & Soul, were I was interning last semester. I cant find a pic of the new cover with Erykah Badu but the issue is GOOD, and not just cuz I have taxes tips on pg 72 and was the perfect companion flying after I realized I left my ipod. I have one final assignment I turned in that I want to tell u about but will wait till its posted cuz Im really excited and interested in what people thing . . .was I a bad girl? a sell-out to the woman race?

*Parents STILL just don't understand
Went home for the weekend to have minor surgery. Im fine and my ovaries are even better and Im FERTILE! While home I realized why I dont enjoy being in my mom's house while Im home. She straight bitched me out Saturday morning and you know it was bad because Im still sulking and I rarely remember why Im mad or hold grudges. I had just talked to this relationship therapist for an article and was saying the #1 reason couples have problems is they say hurtful things to each other and space begins to mount. It aint rocket science, kids don't like to be around mean people and we all just big kids.
So after I realize I cant stay in that house another second, I leave the house and with no transportation get the walking. My cousin living with us and my mom's companion #2 after my brother yells out "Where you going?" "Why?" I bark back. I keep walking. At the main street A jeep comes barreling down the street laying on his horn at me. I guess he was too busy looking at me to notice a car was stopped about to turn into the neighborhood across the street. He slams into it and messes up her car and his. I turn around defeated and convinced I should have been wearing a "I'm with Trouble" shirt and not wanting that guy to see me since he might have blamed me for his own error . . .on to my other parent, JP. As rose-tinted as my dad can be, he always makes me feel like a rock star. Like a beautiful rock star. Doesnt he look so good in the sweatshirt and hat I bought him? excuse the cheetah girl and her topsy turvy 'do . . .

*Home and Harlem . . .can't they be one and the same?
So after that crazy morning I stuck with my plan to hang with my buddy Ieesha, a Teach for America chic. After leaving this racist improv show we hit Harlem Bar which I kept reading about in Uptown and Essence and Upscale magazines and knew I had to go. It was so cool, so trendy, such good music, such a nice crowd . . .so Harlem. My only advice dont be a retard after taking serious pain medicine earlier and sipping on a Vanilla Mojitio. I stopped before I got too tipsy as I was already feeling nice after five sips. Next time u should come with~!

Drama Queen#2 . . . .my 7 year old sister got the first one on lock!


  1. Elle* said...:

    Glad the surgery went well, Queen. Don't worry, I have the same issues with my mother, and I am planning my escape. She's too much for to handle sometimes. ANd yes, we must do lunch when you hit NYC! My email is LBurgess987@yahoo.com, hit me up! And I am going to look for that Heart and Soul! Go Queen! Ok, gotta run to Business Law class, Ciao!

  1. Ieesha looks high in that picture... but I know she wasn't, hmmm.