I hate this place

January 26, 2007
I HATE when I let situations and people make me a person I don't want to be. I hate that more than anything. I Hate when people power trip. I just got back to my room after cussing and venting the whole way back to by best friend about my bad afternoon.
So yeah, I do love my school and think you should maybe even send your kids here. But I dont like the reality of the pretentious-ass people who make there way here, as well. There's this guy who works here and plays a pretty important role in the lives of students and he has a full out facebook profile. I'm not talking friendly Ms. Freeman type that just wants to bond with students they see as children. Im talking posting pictures, poking people and signing walls like a student. Dude, you need to get a life.
So said weirdo calls me after I drop something off that I need to help out a group of lovely people I heart. And says I don't have the right paperwork to proceed. That's fine. But what isn't is him having to say "well u have an hour and 49 minutes to get it done" and then making it seem like I did this form soooo wrong when I had all the info, just hadn't put it in a spreadsheet. So being the school that it is I have to go to another office to see why a paper I turned in almost two months ago isn't on file.
I get there. Neither of the two real employees I need is in so im stuck telling my issue to a student helper. She's sitting behind one of the real worker's desk and there's a heavy guy and his big bubble coat sitting in the seat next to the door where I am standing. She offers me to sit down. I politely say 'No, thanks." I'm really fighting to be sweet because this isnt anymore her fault than it is mine. And I did not want to be squished in the corner in the seat on the other side of the guy. She then stops whats she's doing and tells me again with attitude to sit down. Then mumbles this may take a while. I still stand, shocked she is being so rude . . .then remember this is all a part of that Power Trip that sometimes gets in the water around here. I keep standing big guy leaves but his big bubble coat is still in the chair hanging over the other seat. I say "I will grab a mint" and grab one and get back to my spot.
She continues forward on her Power Trip and once again ask me to sit down. I say "Is it really bothering you that I prefer to stand?" "yes," she says "this may take a while." I say how Im not trying to be all under dudes coat so she moves it. So I just sit baffled that my comfort had become such an issue of contention. Maybe standing for 5 minutes would kill her but it was helping me in trying to be sane and civil. It's not like I am standing over her. I just prefer to stand and why is that affecting you?
She looks and looks and looks and the form I know I turned in and walked to the right person myself has somehow disappeared. Im frustrated. Im tired. I wish I just had have stayed standing.
Then she starts asking questions. What's the group about? Magazines. That's what you planning to do? No, I just started a group, been president since my freshman year is what that mean devil on my right side says. The sane girl in me stalls. She keeps asking me questions getting more interested in the fact that I interned for mama Essence and wrote for them and keeps looking for a form we both know is not where it should be, in the big binder she is flipping through.
Why do people do stuff like that? You don't have to be an ass to me to feel great, I promise. Life can be good without you trying to make mine bad. After already being super-sensitive to power-trippers after dealing with mom dukes, this really isn't how I wanted to spend my Friday afternoon. If I don't want the cake, then damn it,I just don't want the cake. Why would you try to stuff it down my throat?

Baffled Queen.
Sorry for the Ehore post . . .it was either this or cry . . .and they ain't worth my tears. right?