Sucks for you . . .But Im ecstatic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 26, 2006
No I am not as callous as that title implies. But I just got back from turning in my application for a scholarship only for Howard students who are print journalism majors. And its worth $10,000!
I have so much work to do that I really am not talking to myself for putting off studying and a final paper that will make or make my grades. So deciding what pile of work I would start with I came across my application for the Grace Halsell Memorial Scholarship, and Im glad I did. I thought it was due Friday but reading that application I saw that it was due today! Scrambling I figure out how am I going to squeeze in the time to get my application together by the 4:30 deadline. I check on reccd and after taking my copy editing final, I go finish my 500 summary of her book Soul Sister. I hustle down stairs, print out my transcript and am happy to just check the application off of my things to do. At 3:40 I turn my application in to Ms.Dudley, who is still a stunner in her middle age, and get the nerve up to ask her what the competition is like. She is all excited as she takes my application and replies, "You're the second one."
I try and play it cool, but I am soooo excited that at that moment I had a 50% chance at getting $10,000.
And in the same breath I am shocked that we had such a great opportunity and only me and this guy from Cali who was getting his stuff together were the only ones.
So this is how is sucks for those who didn't apply, but I am sooo excited.

$10,000 Queen - we'll - see

The Souls of Black Folk

April 25, 2006
I have Dr.Carr, the most brilliant (and a wee bit scattered brained;) professor, for African American Studies, and sadly today was my last day in the class. But a lot of the things I have learned in his class have really stuck, and have sparked me to dig deeper in my quest for my identity and find those who made me who I am (genetically and culturally) and whose bravery allowed me to not have a clue what it feels like to be accepted as inferior and second-class in every breath I take.
I mean. As the educated ones or that 'talented tenth' DuBois spoke on, it is so easy to separate ourselves from our sisters and brothers by class and forget how recent slavery and jim crow are in history.
His Class opened my mind to not accept the notion that the middle passage and slavery killed my bond to my people, or stopped our culture from growing and living and to dig deeper on why we do some of the things we do:
1) the bums on the corner who we act like we don't see, and cut our eyes as they pour some of the brown bag on the grown for the lost homies. - well, that's just libation and remembering the ancestors, which is a rich history in the African history and the black experience . . . .
I have to run to accounting class, as I type this upstairs in Founders, but I WILL finish the rest later. But till I return.
2) Watch Night Service on New Year's Eve . . .know how it got started?


Feels Good to Be Loved!

April 24, 2006
Look how happy my brother was the day I was born.
21 years later, I still matter to people in this world and that's not something to take for granted.
Coming back from the golf range this afternoon after being harassed by old men and realizing how much I suck at the sport, it was good to talk to my mom and be reminded that people out in this world really give a damn about me. Forgetting that I was upset with her, I pick up the phone when she calls and she tells me that my grandma is in town, and TRIED TO COME SEE ME on campus!!
So I call my older cousin who she is staying with, an 'old maid' who lives for Coach, and they quickly tell me of their experience.
In the area, my cousin knew I stayed in the towers (though not which one) and said to my grandma "why don't we try and surprise her?"
So they park and my 80 year old and still kicking (and smoking:( grandma hatch their plan to surprise me. The surprise was on them as they got to the front desk. Though the security guard was nice, the lady behind the desk wasn't so friendly as she quickly said she had to check with her manager in a funky attitude. Well, since they didn't have my room number, didn't have my cell phone number on them, and were in the wrong building, I didn't open my door to my grandma this evening. I will just see her tomorrow after the funeral she is in town for. But hearing her story, made me feel real special, as she always does with her special names for me and she seemed honored when I told her I plan to name my daughter one day her name, Naomi, and I secretly wish I had been named that. FYI: I would have made a great Naomi!
I was already feeling pretty loved after reading a message from one of my good buddies from high school who I have neglected. Like a good friend, instead of giving up on me and our friendship, he called me on my lack of contact (and not shouting him out on his 21st Bday!) and his dedication to remaining my friend made me realize how lazy I can sometimes be in friendship. Always waiting for someone else to call, or make the plan. So as I am feeling extra mushy right now (which is obvious by this post) it is definitely comforting to know that i have so many folks on my team, so that while I try to make them proud, they'll pick me up if I fall on my face.

my space isn't really mine

April 23, 2006

okay. so i finally became a lemming and jumped. I now have a myspace account and am giving the 'online community' thing a shot. Though the blog on there sort is a bit much. I mean. I know (and hope:) people check out this blog, but you guys are my family not random people from across the world. On here its people who for the most part I know and like, or are connected through a friend ( I totally agree with the the 6 degrees of separation thing which really may only be 2)! And even though I don't spill all my biz on here, I feel way more comfortable and cozy on my own space, than a spot someone carves for me and then deems it "mine."
But other than that, I am feeling it, enjoying catching up with old buddies who feel a little old to be poking me on facebook and am free from all the weirdos (I hope) that quickly scared me off of blackplanet. As you can see my friends list, I am building up my 'network,' so if you are a member, let me in to your space.


Chilling with Supreme Court Justices, who me?

April 19, 2006

Yes me.
I had a great time last night!!! My copy editing professor, the nicest old white guy who worked at the Post for over 30 years, invited me and half the class to a big time dinner being hosted by the Herblock foundation. Sandra Day O'Connor, the first lady EVER to serve as a Supreme Court Justice was the speaker and she was way more than I expected. Me and my buddy Esan (who is in the picture below:) rode over to the event together, which was held at the Library of Congress. Since mapquest didn't recognize the nation's official and largest and oldest library, we sort of just stumbled to the first street address in Southeast. The complimentary valet parking was just the start of a great night. We got their just in time as Sandra Day O'Connor was being welcomed to the podium to speak. We slide in one of the back rows of the intimate auditorium, as we aren't the only black (and a few white) people who trickle in a little late. I must admit I was prepared to hear a stuffy old white lady speak, and was even on guard for comments I might have found mildly offensive, but I was way off. I enjoyed the fact that she spoke on the Brown case and was real enough to acknowledge how segregated education has gone back to. I think though what really sold me on her besides her sharp wit and good sense of humor, was her response to a question from the audience on whether she thought the constitution was living or dead. In her Fuchsia suit, pearls and tightly curled white hair, she walks over to her seat, grabs her bag and whips out a pocket sized copy of the constitution. And it was completely natural for her as she quickly found the passage she wanted to cite and showed how much she really believed in the judicial system. She made me feel comfortable that somebody that sound and dedicated to the law sat on the high court and I only hope those who now remain could have a fraction of her dedication.
She also proves my point of the need to be a snob about something because she was definitely one when it comes to the law. The reception following her speak was immaculate. I mean, it's the freakin Library of Congress. The overflowing buffet, open bar and dessert table were definitely appreciated by someone who does not plan on buying any groceries before I move out in exactly two weeks.Me and Esan got out network on as we mingled with those at our table, inevitably lawyers and government workers.
But the best part of the night was when we spotted Professor Ashcer and went to say hello. He was so excited to see some of his students showed up and wasted no time showing us off. We meet his son, a high school teacher, his pregnant daughter who is a broadcaster for a French channel's DC office and speaks all French on air who really seemed like she wanted us to take up her offer of stopping by the station and his matronly wife who hung out at the buffet. We also met some of his buddies and blackfriends, one older guy who was a professor at George Mason who told us," you can't trust all white people, but he's a good one you definitely can trust" (lol) and a cute older black couple. The husband went to Howard and was excited to see some young journalism students on their way. The night was GREAT, the grilled mushrooms, biscotti and crab cakes were my fav and it's always good to get as comfortable as possible with the fact that you are a minority- so what you gonna do with it?


*The pic is of me standing in front of a great view of the Washington Monument (though you can't see it in the picture) at the reception, me and the homie Esan, and one of Herblock's (the great Washington Post cartoonist) cartoons. Don't be too hard on the bad quality of pics, you know how camera phones are:)!

5 oclock in the morning, where you gonna be?

April 18, 2006

could you be listening to me on the radio? I think I want to go out for a radio show on our campus radio station next year. I know my voice is a wee bit high, but I think I could do it.

Any way Rob sent me some pics from our NY weekend trip. One is of me and him and the other of me and Shani. We make such a cute family of brown skin cuzos:)!


Crack Heads Gone Wild !?!

April 17, 2006
that's the DVD I was offered on 125th street in Harlem. It was really crazy and to increase my interest the street salesman told me it was filmed right there in Harlem. Gotta love Harlem and the ingenuity and hustle of black people. but dang . . .
I had a GREAT weekend, as I rode the bus up to NYC to see my cousin Rob who is in the airforce in VA, who was visiting my cousin Shani, who lives in NY (and graduated from Howard.) We shopped, we ate and and had a ball enjoying the world's capitol and laughing at each other. It's crazy how you can be apart from people for a long time, but when you get together a it's like no time has passed. We had a good time and I spent more than I needed to at this street market near Columbia (you know the old lady loves cool finds even though she needs to be saving for Vegas:). We spent most of Friday looking for these Diesel shoes that Rob just had to have.
I got to see Union Square, where I will be staying this summer and am just that more excited for the season to arrive!
I went ahead and got my NFT book so Im ready (and not so touristy) when I get there this summer. We wore ourselves out running all over the city. But that didn't stop us from going out!
We went to 40 (the chill way to say Jay Z's 40/40 club) and had a ball! I was shocked that it didn't cost (and never does) anything to get in. But once we got to the bar I saw why as me and Shani's one drink a piece totaled over $20. And on top of that it was WEAK.
But it was fun spending time with my cousins who still laugh at my childhood bloopers and we had a good time. I was getting it on the dance floor and so was Shani, as Rob chilled in the corner bobbing his head and feeling the music. So what if the DJ took it WAY back with some of the songs and my youngness showed as I heard 'classic' old school songs I had never heard before.
Getting up early Sunday Morning was no fun, but well worth the good times.

My good cry

April 13, 2006

Okay. So I need to blog right now because Im really sad. And I know how blessed I am. Im so thankful for the many things that I have to look forward (including my fabulous internship at Essence this summer!)
But my parade caught a little rain. An argument with a fellow hilltoper in the office lead to me being told that I really don't do my job to the fullest.
Now, anyone who knows me, knows it takes a whole lot for someone not close to me to really hurt my feelings, because I don't let the opinion of others affect how I view myself (I mean, I call myself a queen for gosh sakes.) I can argue with the best of them and walk away with a smile and forget the whole thing.
And this time I did just that. Proud of myself for staying entirely professional while she took everything I said as a personal attack, and thus attacked back, I sat down, got to work and was happy to listen to new songs that I can finally add now that my ipod is unlocked.
But then it hit me, as Aaliyah was in the middle of singing "At Your Best," it sunk in how completely wrong she was and I briefly wanted to give her the facts the way they were.
Yeah, last semester I wasn't in the office everyday and I don't spend my life at the paper.
But I didn't feel I needed to explain to her that I have taken 19 credits both semesters this year, did a internship last semester and am just trying to make up for what I constantly feel like is lost time after I spent the spring semester of last year at home getting chemo and the summer getting radiation EVERY DAY, not sure when, or even if, I would be able to return to school.
No, I don't where the fact that I had cancer like a badge of honor on my sleeve. I don't deny it, but neither do I wallow. I'm sure some people who I hang with everyday, still have no clue what I went through.
But it did happen. I was so blessed to catch it early and bounce back like nothing happened, but everything had changed.
I lost more than follicles. I lost some of the confidence I once had in abundance and am still trying to reclaim. So as I went in the stairwell after feeling like I had been so wronged and thinking to myself, "Is she freaking serious?" I cried. And it felt good.
I let all the hurt out in those tears. Didn't feel it necessary to mention how I didn't think twice of handing her money last week after hearing of her financial situation, even as my own cash flow was tight.
I called my mother, and after I quickly told her I wasn't dying (FYI . . .don't call your mother sobbing and scare the crap out of her, especially if she still gets uncomfortable at the thought of you going out after dark in the 'mean streets' of DC) I shared with her my frustrations.
In between my "they don't have any idea." and "she don't know me" I realize why she doesn't.
I never told her.
One day when im not so angry, I should maybe tell her my story. I def learned my lesson. Can't get mad at somebody for not knowing something you never told them.

Thankful for her good cry,

*The pic is me crying (so appropriate:) on the lap of my late-and oh so GREAT! grandaddy sitting with my aunt, grandma and my brother and cousin on the floor

emotional roller coaster let me off

April 12, 2006
Im in a real nice mood right now and it's a lot more to it than the margarita swirl I just had. I just took my good buddy, Michael, my Mr. Incredible, out to lunch for his birthday (or maybe he just suckered me in as he IMs "I want to go out to lunch, but I don't know where to go . . ."(J/K Mikey)) It was great.
In my bright yellow Polo, big shades and big bag to finish and him in his Coach flip flops and Alligator shirt (I prefer saying what we grew up calling them to 'Lacoste') we were the picture of young black folks on the move. I even suprised Mike by getting our waiter to bring out a little lighted b-day cake and we sang to Mike (and the guy even remembered his name!)
My emotional roller coaster takes a dip off the high because sometimes I feel guilty. I mean, I know I work hard and I am extremely thankful for all

Cleaning up for company!

April 11, 2006

O-K-K-K. After I have spent the last five minutes jumping around my messy room with my neon pink toe nailed-self, I finally came down off my high.
But I'm so excited about my shout out in Shake Your Beauty!!! I mean, I thought Tia might get around to reading my post one day. But I didn't think she would shout me out like she did. Just goes to show why she really is my shero!
So I read her latest post, am thrilled to see myself included, and click on the link to read exactly what I wrote. Then the bit of embarrassment sets in (and if I were lighter I'm sure the back of my neck would have been red), as I see the grammatical errors sprinkled through out. I do want to maintain my beauty shaker status, so I quickly edited the post. But to readers who check out other posts (thanks for taking the time to check out the blog:), I apologize in advance for errors throughout this thing. I can write and edit. I promise! But in this comfortable place and personal escape I just usually let my my fingers flow, and don't really edit.
I did try to do a little cleaning like my mom trained me to do, especially when company is coming, but I consider most of you guys my sisters in shaking!

cleaning queen-to-be . . . shaking her way to the Versace Mansion too:)!

Embracing the inner snob!!!

April 10, 2006

It' true. You have to be a snob about something. The greats do it and I'm starting to realize I need to too.
"I'm a film snob," said Chris Robinson, the director of my new favorite movie ATL as he shared how all the new technology and digital advancement couldn't compare to real film, though I cant remember what its called (was it microfilm?!?). Sitting there I realized that when you are so passionate about something and channel it into a profession, it's hard to take serious people who are playing with the craft.
I've been blessed lately that when I learn a life lesson it seems to get reinforced in some way.
At Friday's HUABJ panel Scott and Tia proved again that you have to be a snob about your craft. When the Hung and Accidental Diva authors were asked about how they viewed the Video Vixen Confessions and Paris Hilton Memoirs as there works sit on the same shelves, Tia quickly snorted. Trying to be diplomatic, Scott said "I'm an elitist, but I'm not a snob."
I agreed with him when he said that it's a place for works like that but he didn't see books like that as 'literature'.
Tia was a little more blunt: "I am a snob."
Sitting in my chair, feeling self conscious about my hair, I felt the exact same. How could you not be a snob after spending time to perfect a craft and having random people claim to be "authors" or "directors," knowing the countless hours you put in for them to have a ghost writer or quick digital film and find an easy way out?
But good work will always prevail over evil, and the snob in all of us just demands the best, which we would like to believe is us!


Note: I do feel a wee bit guilty though. I mean. To the show writers and producers that are snobs in there own right and create great shows, I am sorry for adding to the problem. Flavor of Love was the number one show on VH1 and I helped make that happen by tuning in each week. Im just thankful for the wisdom to not let that be my only entertainment because just like Video Vixen isn't literary, Flavor Flav isn't stimulating. But "New York is in the motherf@ckin house" is Classic!

My World Just Got Smaller

Okay so yesterday was a really good day for me. I didn't shop. I didn't sleep all day. But I did spring clean my brain and my room. So after organizing my desk and playing my favorite pastime of 'dress-up' I put in some serious time working on my senior thesis which I really need to crack down on. I LOVE my new topic, "The College Woman's Quest: M.R.S.vs. M.S." (you know like the saying - a misses vs. a masters:) Falling right into my materials to read, as I try and get all my research done so I can start the fun part of personal interviews of college women, married ladies, and those still on 'the hunt', is "The Vow" by Angela, Denene Miller and Mitzi Miller. So before I start reading you know I have to re-visit my personal note from Angela where she closes with "See you in New York!" Still on my high I go on to read her acknowledgments, then I read Denene's and then I begin to read Mitzi's
Now I have been following Mitzi since high school when I lived through her crazy adventures each month in Honey Magazine, from being a video girl to a 80s Hip Hop dancer, and my career goal whenever asked was to be EIC of Honey. So as Im reading Mitzi's thank you's I get to the prominent and personal shout out, "to my friend and mentor Joyce E. Davis.(and she even includes the middle initial!)" And Im like "hey, I know Joyce !"
Joyce (another one of my shero's) was the senior editor at Upscale when I interned there and I remember her telling me then how Mitzi had been her intern when she was an editor at Honey. She also told me this story of how Mary J and her sister stepped to her at a party and were a little upset about a feature article Joyce wrote on Mary. Joyce was right back in her face telling Mary and Co. she said everything that was in the article. Anyway, to see Joyce shouted out in such a major way reminded me of how small this world really is and how it is soooo important to make the right impressions, and to keep your contacts FRESH(Im emailing Joyce Monday:)!!!!
Later that day I was reminded again how freakishly small the world is (especially for black people.) Having a gushy convo with mommy, where she get's a good laugh out of the fact that I was going to see my cousins in NY but got my weekends mixed up, she tells me how she just ran into a childhood friend from her small South Carolina Hometown and then the small world moment arrives.
She says how a lady and her daughter I know from Church were at a convention in Texas and were real excited when they saw a pic of me in the slide presentation. My first thought is, oh lord what did I look like in the picture. But then it's really weird because its the same AMPHS conference I went to when I was a junior in high school. The same conference were my roommate ended up being Yasmine Parrish, a girl I hadn't known before, but we both say we want to go to Howard, both end up going and the same Yasmine I drag along to meet Chris Robinson and see ATL. The craziest part is the conference is for people who want to go into Medicine! Most of us saw it as a free trip and signed up:).
Just reminded me again that you never know who's watching or how your path's will cross with people you meet everyday. So dress cute and be nice:) I just wonder what I looked like in that picture . . .


AMPHS Pic '02
Me, a random guy, Atiya (my bestest buddy in Mr. Hanson's 9th grade biology class) and Yasmine being cut off at the end. my how we change:)

My newest Shero: Tia Williams!!!

April 8, 2006

So I met Tia Williams the week before last at our Cover to Cover conference and probably felt like every girl in the room: "Hey!!! She has my life" Besides the fact that she became a magazine editor when she was freakin 23 years old, has been beauty editor at Elle, YM, Teen People and worked at a list of others, penned and published the sexy and well-developed novel "The Accidental Diva," hosts the Cosmogirl radio show, stars in the new Olay commercial that plays all the time now, has a mass of beauty shakers check out her blog and looks like she could be a student here.
She wants to see me succeed!
And not just me. But every little black girl who dreamed of making it big in magazines. She has reached the top, and she wants us to do the same.

When Tia walked in during the lunch at our magazine conference, at first I thought she just was a student getting to the conference late. In her jeans, peasant shirt, snake skin prada bag, and big hoop earrings she chatted it up with girls before her session started, meeting many of her blog's biggest fans, giving beauty tips and even wipping out her lip gloss and spreading some on her hand to show a sample of her lip color. I was so busy running around at our magazine conference that I didn't get to hear everything she said. I did, however, get my book signed and now read her and Angela's personal notes to me whenever Im feeling a little low.

So when I found out HUABJ was bringing her back for their panel. At first I was a little put off by the fact that we invited the same speaker to speak to the same pool of students. Her 2nd trip ended up being an even bigger blessing for me, and most of the students at the panel on Friday - with the majority not in attendance at our conference a few weeks earlier.
It was GREAT! I wasn't running around but got to sit down and listen to Tia's advice on getting my own novel published, hear what she really thought about 'Diary of a Video Vixen,' and just straight up kick it with her in the intimate set up of the panel. When I came in late she even gave me a big smile and nod of acknowledgement, remembering me from the conference (I would like to think:) and making my day!
Also there was Scott Poulson-Bryant, author of the thought-provoking book 'Hung' and founding editor of Vibe magazine, who gave the magazine its name.
Being there with Scott and Tia was so natural for us, and there honesty and openness was refreshing.
Afterwards, I stand in the little line to greet Tia. I take a not so cute picture with Michael and feel self-conscious about my hair. Finally, it's my turn. I tell Tia hey and its good to see her again. I then tell her how I have decided to do my final profile of 1000 words on her for my adv reporting and writing class on my beat of choice for the semester, the magazine industry.
Things work out so weird! I ended up talking to her mother a lot when she was here the first time, so I already had quotes from her, and I find out her dad is at this session.
I ask her if its cool for me to talk to her dad for the profile and she says go right ahead. Ending the small chat, she looks in my eyes and says, "good luck"
She may have said that to every girl who greeted her that day and may not had thought twice about it, but I didnt take her blessing for granted! I did find her dad and talked to him for a good 10 minutes, enjoying his stories of Tia and his own life. I saw my own dad in his relaying how he gave Tia the inspiration to write as she saw him jotting down his thoughts as a child.
When he asked where I was from, I said, "Atlanta" with a smile.
He then tells me somehow he already knew that. I am a bit put off wondering what he means. Usually my best friend Celeste and I always get "we don't look like we are from Atlanta," as a lot of people envision red hair, 'snatch back' hair do's, gold teeth and slouch socks when they think Atlanta (and that's just the girls.) So I tell Mr.Williams that and ask if he thinks I look atlanta because I look a little ghetto or hood to him:) He laughs and says no and explains when he thinks Atlanta he doesn't think ghetto, and I wish to myself more people viewed my hometown as he does.
So Tia comes out after I have jotted down many notes for my profile and know that her dad has brothers in the area, spent time in Germany as a military dentist, got pinned by Howard's School of Dentistry Dean in Korea and other information he shared in our short conversation. He quickly begins to give his critique of the panel and I laugh as he says to her that she didn't tell us how he inspired her to write to even get to the point of writing a book.
Tia Williams is my shero not because she is smart and savvy. But because she has achieved so much, yet remains so in touch that she was willing to come to Howard University out of her own pocket twice in the same month, all while continuing to strive for new goals!

Tia Williams-to-be

Baby, Ain't nothing wrong with being a old lady! (in my Cicely Tyson voice)

April 7, 2006

Yes, I have accepted it. Ill be the first to say it. I am an old lady. So I always tell people I have the fashion sense of a woman triple my age. Maybe because Im just a big kid who never grew out of playing dress up.Hands down one of my favorite places to shop is in my mom's, grandmamas', aunt's and anybody older than me's closet. Probably why I LOVE thrift stores! Especially the accessories! Me and my best friend always laugh at each other's jewelry, belts, clutches we like the best are usually from the Cynthia Jackson or Toni Young Boutique.
I have embraced my old lady tendencies so much that I have convinced myself I am the norm. But then I face facts. It really wasn't that hard for me to dress for the Cotton Club. Many of my spring dresses that I look forward to wearing in NY this summer easily blend in, in a 1920s/1930s atmosphere. Everything I wore that night I have worn (and will wear) before and the dress I ended up wearing I wore to my church on easter last year (lol)
I had to face my old lady ways again this week. Now if I cared what other people thought I probably wouldn't wear half the stuff I own. So I am usually not fazed by what people think or say. But when I had on a purple and white polka dot shirt earlier this week (it's not as bad as it sounds . . .promise) I didnt think I had channeled the old lady that resides within. But sitting in the corner at the hilltop, eating my snack of dried fruit, and feeling cute in my polka dot, I was called an old lady. I tried to feel offended, but it's like calling me black. Its all in perception. And I perceive the chocolate old lady I am, as a pretty cool gal. And for the record, polka dots rock!

Writer's Note: Read at your own risk

Yep. That's the conclusion I've had to come to. Im not schooled in blogger etiquette so don't hate me if I dont follow the rules. I started this blog as an online release, an easy way for me to get my thoughts and let out frustrations. But now, Im at a crossroads. Even though I assumed no one was reading this blog (since you guys NEVER leave me posts (outside of mike, yasmine, lauren and shani-0)), I am beginning to think I may have a few more readers than I realized. So this is my apology in advance if you see yourself in here:). Because I do get frustrated with wondering if Im the last person who doesn't know whether or not one (or two) of my friends is straight, if a weak link cant even hop why am I wrong for saying something, or if two of my friends/coworkers (who aren't friends anymore) need to kiss and make up already. *Click, Clank,
(the sound of me stepping off my soap box with my gray suede heels that need to be re-tapped)
That UGSA Fashion Show last night was comedy! I am one of those people who hate when people trash free shows, I mean you didn't pay so sit back and shut up *this goes out especially to the freshman girl who was behind me 'booing' the guys who crushed her little heart* I, too,loved the little dog and thought the little group spins were cute.
For the record . . . . I DO NOT hate Omegas!!!!:)
But I wasn't the only one who thought the Que in the show needed to be reminded he was in a fashion show, not on the yard.
I was reminded once again how small the world!!!
This guy I was saying was so sexy to my best friend celeste who, NEVER thinks the guys I think are cute, are cute, I later realized was the same guy my other friend is talking to and asked me how could she sneak into the towers earlier this week to chill with (my bad girl, I didn't know)
The smallness of Howard Universe also was clear as my roommate hugged one of my best friend's girl friend and I had no clue they knew each other. If you know me and celeste, you know we have nicknames for EVERYBODY. From 'Daddy Do-Rag' at Cotton Club and to 'Owl,' 'Jang-a-leg,' 'No Love,' 'Lips,' 'Schlaw Dawg' (lol), and the list goes on . . .

Is staying married out of style???

April 4, 2006

Ok. After Im all excited about my Kimora experience and get over the fact that a word was misspelled, which I had changed online I hear that the Simmons are breaking up. And even though they are now saying its a chance they can stay together, to the obvious eye the marriage is done. Even though the life span of a trophy wife is short, after reading from her book and meeting Kimora in person I was convinced she really wanted to be with him and wasn't a groupie out for money.
I had heard that she was bi and that they even were swingers, but seeing her in person had me thinking otherwise. Not even a week after, news is out that they are splitting up. Did Russell drop the news now to put a damper on her book tour and upcoming reality TV show? I doubt it. Not when pictures were released today of them and there cute daughters at an amusement park. But the craziest part is that 48 year old Russell is now with a 23 year old chick and wouldn't mine if Kimora got her a new man.
Im not joining the numbers of celebrity bloggers and really there marriage is no concern of mine or even my business. But it does make me wonder if Im in denial of my chances of getting married and staying happily that way. Working on my senior thesis on this subject has already forced me to deal with the reality of the lack of 'eligible' brothas out there when I am ready to settle down. Like the charter day bathroom lady said, 'you don't have to marry him now, but the guys you see every day are the ones you are gonna want to marry later.'

So the motto is alive more than ever.
"I don't want no fly guy, I just want a shy guy."
Ill keep singing till he comes along.
*Thought I had a prospect, but he was a little too shy to get this thing going:)


Russell and model Jessica White (NOT his girlfriend, who is Dominican) Got my info wrong. Thanks Star Baby!

Doin it and Doin it and Doin it Well!

April 3, 2006
Or so I'd like to think . . .
One of my favorite people at my church Ms. Ramona Benson always told me "failure to plan is planning to fail." She is also real enough to tell some high school kids heading to college that the decision to have sex is not the same as the decision to have a baby. But anyways, my failing to plan could have also meant me failing.
So after my night of excitement Thursday before last interviewing and chilling with Chris Robinson and telling him personally what I thought about his directing film, I wanted to share my experience with others (who aren't privy to this blog:) and planned on writing a story for the hilltop.
Like I often due, I put writing the story to backburner, went through my busy week, lived out the high of meeting Angela and looked Thursday evening dead in the eye. So I hadn't written the story and was having to lay out a few sections of the paper. I felt the heat as the movie was to hit theaters the next day. I had dreams of writing a cool perspective of my personal experience to go along with the article, but with the each hour that passed that dream faded away. In between my managing editor duties, I wrote the story. Not as good as I would have like. But its done.
So I went with some of the people from the GA club including my best buddies and saw ATL again on Saturday (this time from the very beginning:) and loved it all over again. I felt like I had an inside scoop when I saw the scene that took 42 takes for the one line: "That's why you need a timing belt, bitch" in perfect Atlanta dialect. It wasn't till I was checking out one of my fav websites that I realized that the guy who says that and plays T.I.'s little brother is Diana Ross's son. Who'd a thunk?

WE BE CLUBIN'!!! (Cotton that is:)

April 2, 2006

Cotton Club 2006 was HOTTT! (or whatever swanky word the used in the '20s)
MAYA GILLIAM IS MY HERO!!! She was founder and c0-chair of the Cotton Club and even achieved her goal of throwing a fashion show before she graduated. Instead of sitting around saying how the School of C was wack, she partnered with the School of C student council to start one of Howard's premeire events (and the funnest to dress for)
So we get to the Cotton Club and the red carpet is rolled out . . .(gotta run to a meeting so Ill give a blow by blow later. Please continue reading and let me know if Im country)
The Good:
The Bad:
You Know what goes here:

Okay, up above that's me in the hat. I know my 20s/30s history and I consider myself semi-fashionable. And I know Miss Zora wore hats like this and other divas of that day. But I've heard from two friends: one that my hat was country, and the other that is was cute but not 'roaring 20s'
Please let me know if I missed the mark. After all Im not royalty yet, just a queen to be . . .

Is it always better to give than receive?

Simply put, Hell Yeah!
On Thursday I went to submit an application for a Hearst Award (one of journalism's high awards for students) to my mentor and favorite Professor, Yanick Rice Lamb. I had completely forgot about the contest until she emailed me and the rest of the Hilltop Staff about it. So I take my application and her desk is a lot more busier than usual.
I get my last signature from Dixon (chair of the program) and am about to tell her have a nice weekend, when I remember the papers on her desk. So I ask, need any help? She thinks. She thinks. She Says.
"Yeah, can you copy this?"
Its her application for a awesome fellowship for her and two other journalists to research and report on some of the affects hurricane Katrina had. So I make the copies and go back to her desk. She has a huge stack of papers, 5 copies of resumes, lengthy clips (including one that is 16 pages long ) and other things needed for the application packet. So I spend the next hour sorting the papers, making a few more copies and even watering her plants.
It's weird a person who does sooo much for other people. She really had to think of what I could do to help her, since she is so use to doing things for herself. So once we got the copies sorted and got my application squared away, she says thanks. And I don't even feel right saying your welcome.
Because I only gave a down payment on the countless reference letters she has given me, support and advice she has made the time to give to me and other priceless moments where she has inspired and encouraged me. This former editor of Heart & Soul, BET Weekend, and Child Magazines, current editorial director of H&S, author and superwoman is my inspiration and gave the living spark I needed to think I too could make it magazines. So it definitely felt good to give to someone that I have received so much from!

To all the Professor Lambs who give tirelessly and seek no shine,

(Above is her official pic. Check out a new Heart & Soul to see her and read her words from the editor)