Feels Good to Be Loved!

April 24, 2006
Look how happy my brother was the day I was born.
21 years later, I still matter to people in this world and that's not something to take for granted.
Coming back from the golf range this afternoon after being harassed by old men and realizing how much I suck at the sport, it was good to talk to my mom and be reminded that people out in this world really give a damn about me. Forgetting that I was upset with her, I pick up the phone when she calls and she tells me that my grandma is in town, and TRIED TO COME SEE ME on campus!!
So I call my older cousin who she is staying with, an 'old maid' who lives for Coach, and they quickly tell me of their experience.
In the area, my cousin knew I stayed in the towers (though not which one) and said to my grandma "why don't we try and surprise her?"
So they park and my 80 year old and still kicking (and smoking:( grandma hatch their plan to surprise me. The surprise was on them as they got to the front desk. Though the security guard was nice, the lady behind the desk wasn't so friendly as she quickly said she had to check with her manager in a funky attitude. Well, since they didn't have my room number, didn't have my cell phone number on them, and were in the wrong building, I didn't open my door to my grandma this evening. I will just see her tomorrow after the funeral she is in town for. But hearing her story, made me feel real special, as she always does with her special names for me and she seemed honored when I told her I plan to name my daughter one day her name, Naomi, and I secretly wish I had been named that. FYI: I would have made a great Naomi!
I was already feeling pretty loved after reading a message from one of my good buddies from high school who I have neglected. Like a good friend, instead of giving up on me and our friendship, he called me on my lack of contact (and not shouting him out on his 21st Bday!) and his dedication to remaining my friend made me realize how lazy I can sometimes be in friendship. Always waiting for someone else to call, or make the plan. So as I am feeling extra mushy right now (which is obvious by this post) it is definitely comforting to know that i have so many folks on my team, so that while I try to make them proud, they'll pick me up if I fall on my face.