emotional roller coaster let me off

April 12, 2006
Im in a real nice mood right now and it's a lot more to it than the margarita swirl I just had. I just took my good buddy, Michael, my Mr. Incredible, out to lunch for his birthday (or maybe he just suckered me in as he IMs "I want to go out to lunch, but I don't know where to go . . ."(J/K Mikey)) It was great.
In my bright yellow Polo, big shades and big bag to finish and him in his Coach flip flops and Alligator shirt (I prefer saying what we grew up calling them to 'Lacoste') we were the picture of young black folks on the move. I even suprised Mike by getting our waiter to bring out a little lighted b-day cake and we sang to Mike (and the guy even remembered his name!)
My emotional roller coaster takes a dip off the high because sometimes I feel guilty. I mean, I know I work hard and I am extremely thankful for all


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  1. Michael said...:

    First off, it's time you put up that word verfication option on your blog. Secondly, you know I loooove you, girl. I didn't sucker you in haha. I was actually comtemplating going to Oohs and Aahs for some catfish. Lucky for me fate said otherwise. I had so much fun with you. You're such a good spirit to be around. That lunch and card highlighted my day. I cannot wait for more fun in NYC. We compliment each other so well. ;)

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