Baby, Ain't nothing wrong with being a old lady! (in my Cicely Tyson voice)

April 7, 2006

Yes, I have accepted it. Ill be the first to say it. I am an old lady. So I always tell people I have the fashion sense of a woman triple my age. Maybe because Im just a big kid who never grew out of playing dress up.Hands down one of my favorite places to shop is in my mom's, grandmamas', aunt's and anybody older than me's closet. Probably why I LOVE thrift stores! Especially the accessories! Me and my best friend always laugh at each other's jewelry, belts, clutches we like the best are usually from the Cynthia Jackson or Toni Young Boutique.
I have embraced my old lady tendencies so much that I have convinced myself I am the norm. But then I face facts. It really wasn't that hard for me to dress for the Cotton Club. Many of my spring dresses that I look forward to wearing in NY this summer easily blend in, in a 1920s/1930s atmosphere. Everything I wore that night I have worn (and will wear) before and the dress I ended up wearing I wore to my church on easter last year (lol)
I had to face my old lady ways again this week. Now if I cared what other people thought I probably wouldn't wear half the stuff I own. So I am usually not fazed by what people think or say. But when I had on a purple and white polka dot shirt earlier this week (it's not as bad as it sounds . . .promise) I didnt think I had channeled the old lady that resides within. But sitting in the corner at the hilltop, eating my snack of dried fruit, and feeling cute in my polka dot, I was called an old lady. I tried to feel offended, but it's like calling me black. Its all in perception. And I perceive the chocolate old lady I am, as a pretty cool gal. And for the record, polka dots rock!


  1. Michael said...:

    I'll sit on the porch with you anytime, my dear.