Doin it and Doin it and Doin it Well!

April 3, 2006
Or so I'd like to think . . .
One of my favorite people at my church Ms. Ramona Benson always told me "failure to plan is planning to fail." She is also real enough to tell some high school kids heading to college that the decision to have sex is not the same as the decision to have a baby. But anyways, my failing to plan could have also meant me failing.
So after my night of excitement Thursday before last interviewing and chilling with Chris Robinson and telling him personally what I thought about his directing film, I wanted to share my experience with others (who aren't privy to this blog:) and planned on writing a story for the hilltop.
Like I often due, I put writing the story to backburner, went through my busy week, lived out the high of meeting Angela and looked Thursday evening dead in the eye. So I hadn't written the story and was having to lay out a few sections of the paper. I felt the heat as the movie was to hit theaters the next day. I had dreams of writing a cool perspective of my personal experience to go along with the article, but with the each hour that passed that dream faded away. In between my managing editor duties, I wrote the story. Not as good as I would have like. But its done.
So I went with some of the people from the GA club including my best buddies and saw ATL again on Saturday (this time from the very beginning:) and loved it all over again. I felt like I had an inside scoop when I saw the scene that took 42 takes for the one line: "That's why you need a timing belt, bitch" in perfect Atlanta dialect. It wasn't till I was checking out one of my fav websites that I realized that the guy who says that and plays T.I.'s little brother is Diana Ross's son. Who'd a thunk?