Embracing the inner snob!!!

April 10, 2006

It' true. You have to be a snob about something. The greats do it and I'm starting to realize I need to too.
"I'm a film snob," said Chris Robinson, the director of my new favorite movie ATL as he shared how all the new technology and digital advancement couldn't compare to real film, though I cant remember what its called (was it microfilm?!?). Sitting there I realized that when you are so passionate about something and channel it into a profession, it's hard to take serious people who are playing with the craft.
I've been blessed lately that when I learn a life lesson it seems to get reinforced in some way.
At Friday's HUABJ panel Scott and Tia proved again that you have to be a snob about your craft. When the Hung and Accidental Diva authors were asked about how they viewed the Video Vixen Confessions and Paris Hilton Memoirs as there works sit on the same shelves, Tia quickly snorted. Trying to be diplomatic, Scott said "I'm an elitist, but I'm not a snob."
I agreed with him when he said that it's a place for works like that but he didn't see books like that as 'literature'.
Tia was a little more blunt: "I am a snob."
Sitting in my chair, feeling self conscious about my hair, I felt the exact same. How could you not be a snob after spending time to perfect a craft and having random people claim to be "authors" or "directors," knowing the countless hours you put in for them to have a ghost writer or quick digital film and find an easy way out?
But good work will always prevail over evil, and the snob in all of us just demands the best, which we would like to believe is us!


Note: I do feel a wee bit guilty though. I mean. To the show writers and producers that are snobs in there own right and create great shows, I am sorry for adding to the problem. Flavor of Love was the number one show on VH1 and I helped make that happen by tuning in each week. Im just thankful for the wisdom to not let that be my only entertainment because just like Video Vixen isn't literary, Flavor Flav isn't stimulating. But "New York is in the motherf@ckin house" is Classic!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I'm First, I love your blog, I happened upon a link in another blog and there yours was. I also love Tia Williams, too, ever since happening upon her blog a month or so ago. Keep on doing your thang, I love magazines too, and I once thought being an editor was for me, but I'd much rather read the work than put it together, here I am talking to you like I know you, but I do wish you much success in your career.

  1. jameil1922 said...:

    hahahahahaha!! that was classic. and i too should be ashamed (as much as i am disgusted) for watching, too, tho not on its regular nite and time. ugh.