The Souls of Black Folk

April 25, 2006
I have Dr.Carr, the most brilliant (and a wee bit scattered brained;) professor, for African American Studies, and sadly today was my last day in the class. But a lot of the things I have learned in his class have really stuck, and have sparked me to dig deeper in my quest for my identity and find those who made me who I am (genetically and culturally) and whose bravery allowed me to not have a clue what it feels like to be accepted as inferior and second-class in every breath I take.
I mean. As the educated ones or that 'talented tenth' DuBois spoke on, it is so easy to separate ourselves from our sisters and brothers by class and forget how recent slavery and jim crow are in history.
His Class opened my mind to not accept the notion that the middle passage and slavery killed my bond to my people, or stopped our culture from growing and living and to dig deeper on why we do some of the things we do:
1) the bums on the corner who we act like we don't see, and cut our eyes as they pour some of the brown bag on the grown for the lost homies. - well, that's just libation and remembering the ancestors, which is a rich history in the African history and the black experience . . . .
I have to run to accounting class, as I type this upstairs in Founders, but I WILL finish the rest later. But till I return.
2) Watch Night Service on New Year's Eve . . .know how it got started?