my space isn't really mine

April 23, 2006

okay. so i finally became a lemming and jumped. I now have a myspace account and am giving the 'online community' thing a shot. Though the blog on there sort is a bit much. I mean. I know (and hope:) people check out this blog, but you guys are my family not random people from across the world. On here its people who for the most part I know and like, or are connected through a friend ( I totally agree with the the 6 degrees of separation thing which really may only be 2)! And even though I don't spill all my biz on here, I feel way more comfortable and cozy on my own space, than a spot someone carves for me and then deems it "mine."
But other than that, I am feeling it, enjoying catching up with old buddies who feel a little old to be poking me on facebook and am free from all the weirdos (I hope) that quickly scared me off of blackplanet. As you can see my friends list, I am building up my 'network,' so if you are a member, let me in to your space.