Cleaning up for company!

April 11, 2006

O-K-K-K. After I have spent the last five minutes jumping around my messy room with my neon pink toe nailed-self, I finally came down off my high.
But I'm so excited about my shout out in Shake Your Beauty!!! I mean, I thought Tia might get around to reading my post one day. But I didn't think she would shout me out like she did. Just goes to show why she really is my shero!
So I read her latest post, am thrilled to see myself included, and click on the link to read exactly what I wrote. Then the bit of embarrassment sets in (and if I were lighter I'm sure the back of my neck would have been red), as I see the grammatical errors sprinkled through out. I do want to maintain my beauty shaker status, so I quickly edited the post. But to readers who check out other posts (thanks for taking the time to check out the blog:), I apologize in advance for errors throughout this thing. I can write and edit. I promise! But in this comfortable place and personal escape I just usually let my my fingers flow, and don't really edit.
I did try to do a little cleaning like my mom trained me to do, especially when company is coming, but I consider most of you guys my sisters in shaking!

cleaning queen-to-be . . . shaking her way to the Versace Mansion too:)!


  1. Patrice R. Jones said...:

    I've been reading your postings and you have a very insightful blog.

    Keep doing what your doing!

    Patrice R. Jones/ Author, "From the Heart", poetry.

  1. queen-to-be said...:

    thanks patrice! what's your book about?

  1. Anonymous said...:


    From the Heart is an assortment of poems that are based on fact, fiction and introspection about life's challenging obstacles.