WE BE CLUBIN'!!! (Cotton that is:)

April 2, 2006

Cotton Club 2006 was HOTTT! (or whatever swanky word the used in the '20s)
MAYA GILLIAM IS MY HERO!!! She was founder and c0-chair of the Cotton Club and even achieved her goal of throwing a fashion show before she graduated. Instead of sitting around saying how the School of C was wack, she partnered with the School of C student council to start one of Howard's premeire events (and the funnest to dress for)
So we get to the Cotton Club and the red carpet is rolled out . . .(gotta run to a meeting so Ill give a blow by blow later. Please continue reading and let me know if Im country)
The Good:
The Bad:
You Know what goes here:

Okay, up above that's me in the hat. I know my 20s/30s history and I consider myself semi-fashionable. And I know Miss Zora wore hats like this and other divas of that day. But I've heard from two friends: one that my hat was country, and the other that is was cute but not 'roaring 20s'
Please let me know if I missed the mark. After all Im not royalty yet, just a queen to be . . .