My World Just Got Smaller

April 10, 2006

Okay so yesterday was a really good day for me. I didn't shop. I didn't sleep all day. But I did spring clean my brain and my room. So after organizing my desk and playing my favorite pastime of 'dress-up' I put in some serious time working on my senior thesis which I really need to crack down on. I LOVE my new topic, "The College Woman's Quest: M.R.S.vs. M.S." (you know like the saying - a misses vs. a masters:) Falling right into my materials to read, as I try and get all my research done so I can start the fun part of personal interviews of college women, married ladies, and those still on 'the hunt', is "The Vow" by Angela, Denene Miller and Mitzi Miller. So before I start reading you know I have to re-visit my personal note from Angela where she closes with "See you in New York!" Still on my high I go on to read her acknowledgments, then I read Denene's and then I begin to read Mitzi's
Now I have been following Mitzi since high school when I lived through her crazy adventures each month in Honey Magazine, from being a video girl to a 80s Hip Hop dancer, and my career goal whenever asked was to be EIC of Honey. So as Im reading Mitzi's thank you's I get to the prominent and personal shout out, "to my friend and mentor Joyce E. Davis.(and she even includes the middle initial!)" And Im like "hey, I know Joyce !"
Joyce (another one of my shero's) was the senior editor at Upscale when I interned there and I remember her telling me then how Mitzi had been her intern when she was an editor at Honey. She also told me this story of how Mary J and her sister stepped to her at a party and were a little upset about a feature article Joyce wrote on Mary. Joyce was right back in her face telling Mary and Co. she said everything that was in the article. Anyway, to see Joyce shouted out in such a major way reminded me of how small this world really is and how it is soooo important to make the right impressions, and to keep your contacts FRESH(Im emailing Joyce Monday:)!!!!
Later that day I was reminded again how freakishly small the world is (especially for black people.) Having a gushy convo with mommy, where she get's a good laugh out of the fact that I was going to see my cousins in NY but got my weekends mixed up, she tells me how she just ran into a childhood friend from her small South Carolina Hometown and then the small world moment arrives.
She says how a lady and her daughter I know from Church were at a convention in Texas and were real excited when they saw a pic of me in the slide presentation. My first thought is, oh lord what did I look like in the picture. But then it's really weird because its the same AMPHS conference I went to when I was a junior in high school. The same conference were my roommate ended up being Yasmine Parrish, a girl I hadn't known before, but we both say we want to go to Howard, both end up going and the same Yasmine I drag along to meet Chris Robinson and see ATL. The craziest part is the conference is for people who want to go into Medicine! Most of us saw it as a free trip and signed up:).
Just reminded me again that you never know who's watching or how your path's will cross with people you meet everyday. So dress cute and be nice:) I just wonder what I looked like in that picture . . .


AMPHS Pic '02
Me, a random guy, Atiya (my bestest buddy in Mr. Hanson's 9th grade biology class) and Yasmine being cut off at the end. my how we change:)