Crack Heads Gone Wild !?!

April 17, 2006
that's the DVD I was offered on 125th street in Harlem. It was really crazy and to increase my interest the street salesman told me it was filmed right there in Harlem. Gotta love Harlem and the ingenuity and hustle of black people. but dang . . .
I had a GREAT weekend, as I rode the bus up to NYC to see my cousin Rob who is in the airforce in VA, who was visiting my cousin Shani, who lives in NY (and graduated from Howard.) We shopped, we ate and and had a ball enjoying the world's capitol and laughing at each other. It's crazy how you can be apart from people for a long time, but when you get together a it's like no time has passed. We had a good time and I spent more than I needed to at this street market near Columbia (you know the old lady loves cool finds even though she needs to be saving for Vegas:). We spent most of Friday looking for these Diesel shoes that Rob just had to have.
I got to see Union Square, where I will be staying this summer and am just that more excited for the season to arrive!
I went ahead and got my NFT book so Im ready (and not so touristy) when I get there this summer. We wore ourselves out running all over the city. But that didn't stop us from going out!
We went to 40 (the chill way to say Jay Z's 40/40 club) and had a ball! I was shocked that it didn't cost (and never does) anything to get in. But once we got to the bar I saw why as me and Shani's one drink a piece totaled over $20. And on top of that it was WEAK.
But it was fun spending time with my cousins who still laugh at my childhood bloopers and we had a good time. I was getting it on the dance floor and so was Shani, as Rob chilled in the corner bobbing his head and feeling the music. So what if the DJ took it WAY back with some of the songs and my youngness showed as I heard 'classic' old school songs I had never heard before.
Getting up early Sunday Morning was no fun, but well worth the good times.