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April 7, 2006
Yep. That's the conclusion I've had to come to. Im not schooled in blogger etiquette so don't hate me if I dont follow the rules. I started this blog as an online release, an easy way for me to get my thoughts and let out frustrations. But now, Im at a crossroads. Even though I assumed no one was reading this blog (since you guys NEVER leave me posts (outside of mike, yasmine, lauren and shani-0)), I am beginning to think I may have a few more readers than I realized. So this is my apology in advance if you see yourself in here:). Because I do get frustrated with wondering if Im the last person who doesn't know whether or not one (or two) of my friends is straight, if a weak link cant even hop why am I wrong for saying something, or if two of my friends/coworkers (who aren't friends anymore) need to kiss and make up already. *Click, Clank,
(the sound of me stepping off my soap box with my gray suede heels that need to be re-tapped)
That UGSA Fashion Show last night was comedy! I am one of those people who hate when people trash free shows, I mean you didn't pay so sit back and shut up *this goes out especially to the freshman girl who was behind me 'booing' the guys who crushed her little heart* I, too,loved the little dog and thought the little group spins were cute.
For the record . . . . I DO NOT hate Omegas!!!!:)
But I wasn't the only one who thought the Que in the show needed to be reminded he was in a fashion show, not on the yard.
I was reminded once again how small the world!!!
This guy I was saying was so sexy to my best friend celeste who, NEVER thinks the guys I think are cute, are cute, I later realized was the same guy my other friend is talking to and asked me how could she sneak into the towers earlier this week to chill with (my bad girl, I didn't know)
The smallness of Howard Universe also was clear as my roommate hugged one of my best friend's girl friend and I had no clue they knew each other. If you know me and celeste, you know we have nicknames for EVERYBODY. From 'Daddy Do-Rag' at Cotton Club and to 'Owl,' 'Jang-a-leg,' 'No Love,' 'Lips,' 'Schlaw Dawg' (lol), and the list goes on . . .


  1. shani-o said...:

    there will be no kissing and making up! that's far too suggestive.