Is staying married out of style???

April 4, 2006

Ok. After Im all excited about my Kimora experience and get over the fact that a word was misspelled, which I had changed online I hear that the Simmons are breaking up. And even though they are now saying its a chance they can stay together, to the obvious eye the marriage is done. Even though the life span of a trophy wife is short, after reading from her book and meeting Kimora in person I was convinced she really wanted to be with him and wasn't a groupie out for money.
I had heard that she was bi and that they even were swingers, but seeing her in person had me thinking otherwise. Not even a week after, news is out that they are splitting up. Did Russell drop the news now to put a damper on her book tour and upcoming reality TV show? I doubt it. Not when pictures were released today of them and there cute daughters at an amusement park. But the craziest part is that 48 year old Russell is now with a 23 year old chick and wouldn't mine if Kimora got her a new man.
Im not joining the numbers of celebrity bloggers and really there marriage is no concern of mine or even my business. But it does make me wonder if Im in denial of my chances of getting married and staying happily that way. Working on my senior thesis on this subject has already forced me to deal with the reality of the lack of 'eligible' brothas out there when I am ready to settle down. Like the charter day bathroom lady said, 'you don't have to marry him now, but the guys you see every day are the ones you are gonna want to marry later.'

So the motto is alive more than ever.
"I don't want no fly guy, I just want a shy guy."
Ill keep singing till he comes along.
*Thought I had a prospect, but he was a little too shy to get this thing going:)


Russell and model Jessica White (NOT his girlfriend, who is Dominican) Got my info wrong. Thanks Star Baby!


  1. star baby said...:

    that's Jessica White the supermodel, not Russell's new girl. Russell's new girl is Dominician i believe.

  1. queen-to-be said...:

    thanks star baby! Those diet tips on your blog were good. That not eating after 8 is SOOO Hard!