Age Aint Nothin But a Number?

May 20, 2007
Ok. I know how it feels when an 18 year old kid tells me they feel old and I wonder "what does that make me?" But I have really been feeling grown and anyone who asks how Im doing I tell em the truth - I feel old.
Last night I went to a birthday party of a friend of a friends (Shani) at this huge pool bar. It was hilarious as me and my friends went upstairs and were the only black people up on the dance floor and did the bunny hop to "get me bodied" and folks started taking pics like it was some secret ancient dance;)
But downstairs in there private party room they made me put things in perspective as I was the youngest person in the room which gave me a boost of confidence that I have what it takes to do this adult thing.
So what if I cant find a post office around my place to change my address to here so my magazines arent hanging in the mailroom at HU or that there is a lot of adult business to handle Ive never done before, there's a first for everything.
getting ready for the party and figuring out how to wear a bra with this cute shirt I got with part of the back out, I was watching "Once upon a Prom" on MTV.
It was cute to see this guy take Rhianna and this girl in Atlanta take Bobby Valentino.
So if age is a state of mind, I have nothing to worry about.
But back to Bobby V, who is REALLY short in person, we know its nothing new for them to lie but do we really care how old celebrities are? Last summer when asked how old he was he said "42 (laughs), naw just switch those"
Why all the giggles when someone asks your age?
He really was 26 from my easy math. he was 16 during interviews with Mista for Blackberry Molasses and that had been ten years before.
He's not alone in the R&B guy singers shaving a few years off.
Ne-yo just released a statement saying he's announcing his real age - he's not 24. gasp. he's 27.
Noble? Not at all. The statement went on to say his new album will reflect his maturity and life experiences. high five to his marketing team.
But when you need a "statement" to tell the world your age my eyebrows are already scrunched.
Then last night one of my friends text me saying when you get to a certain age you can't talk to younger folks. Stepped all on my toes because I keep finding myself liking guys a little younger . . .maybe it goes to where my own head is at since I was watching a prom special on MTV.
One woman's baby another's .. .baby? I think I got that saying all wrong . . .

Queen, who made her first trek out to Queens today:)


  1. La said...:

    2 things...
    #1 am I the only 1 that saw Bobby V's American Idol audition? Sooooooo fantastically awful.

    #2 you won't hang with younger folk anymore. It'll happen slowly, and you won't notice, but it'll happen. First, you won't wanna go to under 18 and up spots. then you'll find yourself saying, "Why are they so pushy? And why is it so crowded?" eventually, you'll have your 30 and over club card, lol

  1. jameil1922 said...:

    bobby v looks like a midget. he's 27 (wikipedia). lying about your age is wack but its really really unattractive w/a man!!! wow... chile please. once upon a prom was cute. i watched it to. you didn't know the bunny hop was an ancient dance? totally. they taught it at the acropolis.

  1. Miss Yasmine said...:

    ummm please DO NOT talk about my boyfriend like that! My boo can "croon" old school- "jodeci" style. But yea, he is secretly old as hell talking bout he goes to CAU