My Classmate, Oprah!

May 14, 2007
So, I am officially a college graduate. I stood up and had a hood put over my head that proclaimed to the world I have a degree!
Graduation was . . . AMAZING!!!
My computer is in storage so I'll have to post pics I took with my camera later but these are some my cousin took (and no, im not still mad at her for thinking she knew the edit side of magazines . . .she's letting me crash and that means so much more! and check the cute dress my gift card contributed to:)
And Jameil I promise to get better but I have spent the rest of the weekend name dropping my classmate . . .Oprah:).
If you get a sec be sure to google "Oprah" and "Howard University."
We all hoped she would do great and she was a major cherry on a beautiful sundae in my life. I still enjoy saying, "one of my classmates said something a few days ago" t
hen say what I want and five minutes later like, "oh, you may know her. Oprah Winfrey?"
But seriously, as my friend Tammy put on my facebook wall we did make Oprah cry as she started her speech, "People told me I would feel the love when I came, Howard I feel the love."

It wasn't till she had dried her tears and got deeper in the speech did it sink in why she was so emotional. She echoed Henry Louis Gates's sentiments that it is nothing like being acknowledged by your own.
As she continued to speak and tell of her grandmother's wish for her that she find some "good white people" that would treat her with respect as she worked as their maid, Dr. Winfrey
dded how she wished her
grandmother could see she found some "good w
hite people" to work for her, and I realized what a special and rare moment it really was for us and Oprah - she was looking out at a sea of brown faces - something very rare for her.
As someone from a black neighborhood, a black church, and have gone to black schools my whole life I am submerged in the best of the black community. But Oprah's humility humbled us all to appreciate how special and unique we and Howard really are and the importance to broaden your horizon and bring somebody else up along the way.
If that didn't make you love and respect the lady, my mom told me how a guy selling Oprah shirts on Georgia Ave told his story of how Oprah had actually signed some of the shirts after seeing him hustling
shirts with her face on it, just because. I really wish i would have bought one of those shirts:(
I am so fortunate to have been able to be a part of the class and will put
up this testimony post I was working on when I get the balls, because like my classmate Oprah, we all have a journey and duty to share our story.
I'll start with the confidence of a degree supporting me, Im a college graduate, a cancer survivor and a queen.

Thanks for all the love and support and congrats to all graduates!!!!

*Please check my girl Kirsten cheesing behind Oprah when she should already be in her seat with the School of B:)


  1. Little Lady said...:

    Congrats and the best of luck to you!!!

  1. shani-o said...:

    Awwww... man! And you know I don't even mess with Oprah like that... but AWWW!


  1. alanna said...:

    this brought tears to my eyes. charreah, I am so proud of who you are and who you are becoming! love you! ;-)