Here I Stand

March 14, 2009
Say what you want about Usher, but everytime I hear "Here I Stand" it gives me pause. That song is so beautiful. Acknowledging people change, move away and the love will be right here (yes, in my head I hear Michael Jackson howling on the SWV song . . .lol) is kinda, well, deep.

This week a story of mine posted with an interview of Dr. Sharon Malone, who happens to be married to Attorney General Eric Holder. And I just loved her for her realness and humility. Yes First Lady Michelle Obama is an amazing example of the Ne-Yo's Miss Independent, but the real beauty is that she is one of so many more.

Dr. Malone met her hubby when she was 30 and he was 38. She was a medical resident after finishing Columbia's med school. Even after Attorney General Holder was sworn in the first time under Clinton she never thought of stopping or slowing her career as she was on track to be a partner at her medical office, which she now is. She got her own, proud of it and still a supportive spouse.

And of course in true six degrees form, I had dinner this week with a few of my magazine buddies and the good gynecoloist is the old doctor of my buddy J at Marie Claire. When Dr. Malone shoots me a sweet email to say she thought the article was good I mention my buddy and she says she had just seen her mom that morning. Truth is always stranger than fiction

So, yeah, here they stand. The success of my community is a direct result of the success of the Black family. So it's so exciting to see great families built from couples that say I hope it's not to hard to belive, but baby you're the only for me . . .