Harlem on 22nd St

March 10, 2009

So tonight, my buddy from high school Jasmine hits me up to come to an event. I was suppose to be going to a screening for work but that ended up being a bust when me and one of my coworkers arrived, so after another session at the office I headed uptown.

She texts again.

Ready to shed my winter cocoon I tell her yes. She says it's at Catch 22nd between 5th and 6th on 22nd St. Im like, oh thats right near this spot that is cool on Thursday nights - free and a massages upstairs:) We meet up and round the corner, and of course it's the same spot. We head inside and turns out its the viewing party for this week's episode of "Harlem Heights" - hosted by FAMU alumni chapter. I feel like Im transported right back to the days of HU. EBP overload in their fly girl finest. Living in Harlem, I know Im biased on the show since I just love seeing places where you hang out, and Im definitely willing to give a show on young Black professionals a chance - though I definitely can do without all that cattiness.

I see the future politician and the cute bald one from the show. And all the girls are there, and they really are all friends it seems. Of course I speak to some Howard folks (we really are roaches) and one of our former photo interns who is the camera man for the night. There were plenty of guys out, though quantity doesn't always mean quality . . .The producer from the show is cool as he works the crowd and makes sure we are having a good time.After some girl talk, its time for the show to come on. Some are getting antsy as there are sound difficulties through the first half. Then they finally get it going for the last ten minutes. i felt extra bad for the guy Brooke went on a date with as he's standing there and she belts out she would never do a second date. Ouch. I just look around and try and spot her reaction, with the guy standing in the same room. And guess she squashed beef with the other girl, as they walked out together.

I was so excited as we were leaving to see one of my friends from high school and college, who is doing his thing in med school (delivered his first baby, how cool) Go Phil!


  1. Candice said...:

    man, you have COOL job!

  1. Niema Jordan said...:

    Makes since that he was there! He's def FAMU. I need to send him an email. LOL.