Mind F*ck

April 1, 2009

"What kind of mind f*ckery is this?" I sang, on key if I do say so myself, from the backseat during a road trip with friends a while back.

We laughed and put on Amy Winehouse for the ride, as my friend continued the tangled story of her good friend, great friend, actually who really "got" her, though his girlfriend tucked away in another state kept them from officially being together. Then she shared how he had invited her and two other of his female friends to hang out with him one night, none of them knowing each other and just knowing him. I thought he was totally trying to have his cake and eat them too. . .

Could I realistically tell her to just let this guy out of her life since he was had jerk tendencies and was a little dangerous to her sanity? No.

Because the mind loving was just too good and when you find someone who really gets all your jokes and weirdness, it's way harder to let.that.go

So in the backseat I started to break down a Mind F*ck.

First I was excited to share with the group that everyone always reaches a climax in a mind freak, and there is no uncertainty if you don't.

There's not that whole weird "did you come?" question (fellas, we HATE that . . .if you have to ask then I feel you have your answer, no, Naked with socks did a great post on this a while back).

In a mind hook up, it is pretty clear when you get the joke that we have reached higher ground.

And there are always constant new surprises and never the same ole routine. You are also usually always in the mood, or a good inside joke can be all the foreplay needed to get things going.

Tonight during some good mind loving I heard about this guy at the movies . . . with his jumpoff. Me and my homie both knew that was inappropriate JO behavior of his friend. Then the friend texts that well, the girl took him and he was going to get her to do something nasty and I cracked up . . .

Then wondered is there a Mind JO job? Yes indeed. That crass or crazy friend you wouldnt take out or introduce to your friends and you arent comfortable with how they would act in a social setting, but still pick up the phone when they call because they always have a crazy story, or will listen and have crazy feedback to yours, well thats a mental jump off.

Mind F*cks arent anything to play with


  1. omg, if you only new how many times I've said the same thing: "If you have to ask, then there's your answer." lol!

  1. shara said...:

    i've been swimming in school work this semester, so i've been slacking on reading your blog. imagine my surprise when the first post i see is called "mind f*ck." :-O

    i'm grinding out the last few weeks of the semester, so i guess i better come back when i have more time to digest your words. LOL!!