Being Healthy

October 21, 2008
Growing up, we weren't big Halloween people. I remember dressing up in Kindergarten and that was about it until maybe 13. And honestly, I didn't miss it. My mom bought us plenty of candy to compensate for trick or treating and we had our share throughout the year (I have the fillings to prove it!) 

So once I was older and October also began to include Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it just made for one spooky month. It wasn't until later I realized some of my favorite people always seem to be Libras.

But I would be remissed not to remind myself and all ladies to remember how important your health is this month and others. This pic is me and Robin Roberts at Howard's School of Communications First Visionary Awards Luncheon in 2006. It was extraordinary . . . and I prayed even harder for her recovery once she was diagnosed with breast cancer after meeting her.

And youth isn't a free pass to great health. Outside of living in NY, pursuing journalism, loving Howard U, and working it in power suits, me and Robin have something else in common . . .we are cancer survivors. 

I was blessed to catch mine early when I was a sophomore in college and after six months of chemo and three months of radiation, I have been all clear with thankfully a great chance of no return.

One of best friends mom wasnt so lucky and her death from breast cancer and a hypochondriac cousin  gave me the kick in the butt to see if a small lump in my groin was anything to be concerned about. It was. And I'm always overwhelmed with thankfulness I went and checked it out.

If we are honest, all our days our numbered in this world, but let's work to maximize our time by having those checkups and making the most of the time we do have.

My admiration of Robin has only grown since she was diagnosed with cancer and boldly and gracefully allowed viewers to share in her personal experience. 

Happy health this month and others and make yourself a priority!