Bridal Block

October 8, 2008
I love weddings. I would go to one every week if I could. I encourage all my girls to get married just so I can go . . .but I must say things are getting out of hand. I didn't think folks would actually listen to me.

The latest bride is my RA from freshman year (ANNEX!). She is such good people and I remember my first day at Howard like it was yesterday. My black power tshirt and fresh kinky twist (eww, why did I fall prey to that trend, glad my hairline survived), she just had this natural cool as she welcomed me to the floor and the longest nails EVER. And now she's somebody's wife. And now Im looking in the mirror wondering when did I get to this spot. I remember how immediate it was for my pack of aunts on questions of me meeting a special guy as soon as I hit college. I just scratched my head at how quick it had went from NO BOYS to get engaged. Cant a girl just chill and enjoy dating and relating for a few years?

Maybe the thought of me getting married is so foreign because of the current prospects. One part of that sabatical I've been on from the social scene is I haven't met that many new guys. I take that back. I haven't met any worthy of a good daydream. Yes, you can put it on Barack Obama for raising the standard. And everytime you say that, you know the fellas are ready to come back, "well, are you Michelle?" And I'm working on it. Getting some brooches this weekend when I head home