Get Your Shine On

October 6, 2008

"Hey MIA," my hip hop dance class teacher at the gym yells to me, as we do our warm up routine. "Im just gonna call you that today" I was a little surprised and embarrased, but couldn't deny the fact I hadnt been there in weeks, maybe months. Though my ego, wouldnt let the moment pass without feeling itself that my absence had been noticed.

Then one of my best buds in NY said I was MIA in a gchat I actually replied to. I'm trying. really. Just my work ethic is probably my detriment at times. Is enough ever enough?

Yes. It is.

And I was excited to enjoy the little things over the weekend as my cousin Rob came to town who has been like my brother since our births a few months apart. Friday, we hit up my buddy Z's bday costume party and with a shiny dress and no official get up, I became a Dreamgirl. Jessica became catwoman, and was not feeling about all these kittens with official costumes . . .got a little catty:)We had a good time, till Long Island Rail Road came on the wrong side and we ended up in Far Rockaway . . . :/

Saturday we grabbed breakfast with my cousin and her friend. Though she totally blasted me in an email on all my shortcomings and why she only puts up with me because we are blood, we had a great time. Guess she's decide Im worthy of her time? Who knows. But she does have a fab new apartment on the bottom floor of this brownstone on 119th. Love Harlem!

After we hunted down this blazer at Banana Republic he had to have, we hit Central Park for the 30th birthday picnic of my 149th st neighbor and fellow SWD alum, Rakia. Met her at Belle's Young Legends Dinner and she has been like a big sis ever since. And for some Decatur girls, a picnic with friends means spades. We made great partners even with all Rob's smack talking and his partner trying to mack him a little I think. Get it girl!

That night we had great Thai at Room Service and realized we couldn't hang like we used to and took it to the house. Today was a good feeling as I saw myself getting tagged in photos - proof I am back in action


  1. shani-o said...:

    Now I know that's me front and center in your blog header, but I can't help feeling a little neglected buddy...

  1. Eb the Celeb said...:

    love the pics... costume parties already?

    I can't wait until Halloween... my people throw the best adult costume party in the city... its going to be off the chain!