Good Times.Girl Power . . .Again (so necessary!)

April 7, 2007
Well, If life is really like a musical like my secret lover 3000 and my homie Brilliant Brown say, I am loving this scene a whole lot.
Yesterday was phenomenal.
I know, I know.
I say that everyday.
But seriously, after almost losing my life Thursday bench pressing for my final in weight training it was great to really feel alive.
I went to the first annual Global Visionary Awards hosted by the School of Communications to honor extraordinary women. And yes, they were as haute and high and mighty as it sounds at the Four Seasons in Georgetown with Lebron James in the lobby before two escorts meet me and take me downstairs.
I don't get to iron my suit and really primp like I want b/c of a problem relating to michael's post. I get their and they are just ending the silent auction reception before the luncheon begins. The room is decorated amazingly. As I look at all the beautiful black people I wish I could have worn a dress but they asked us to wear suits and Ive done a lot more for a good free meal.
I sit with some other students and we have a ball. I look back and squint my eyes trying to place where I know this lady from at the table behind me. It's Fredricka Whitfield from CNN.
Michelle Miller enters the luncheon in this fly aqua suit and matching purse with her husband Marc Morial, CEO of the Urban League, and a son who looks just like him. They head to a table at the front.
At this table sits the luncheon's honoree Sheila Johnson, who me and my godmom were just talking about right? Also at the table is Nancy Wilson. And I am trying to be calm and concentrate on cutting my shrimp so it doesn't fly off the table.
The speaker was Robin Roberts from Good Morning America and she was absolutely hilarious. her parents went to Howard and mom is sitting in the audience quick to correct her. Her scholarship to come to HU was $300 not $100. "Big Difference" Robin says and continues to be hilarious. She steps on my toes talking about how she had to get out of her comfort zone, which for her was sports. After the luncheon she's signing a copy of her book for me and tells me she likes my suit and I definitely feel good I wore the suit:).
Dr. Johnson is amazing and when I talk to her afterwards she lights up as I tell her my godmom was the woman she met at her resort and she laughs remembering how she hugged her.
I get back to campus and quickly change clothes to go see the Delta's come out.My homie Yasmine looked amazing and they were so cute in these "collegiate" sweater outfits.
Then me Shani, Arion, and Mikey head to Alero for happy hour. Those margaritas did me in as my shattered glass proved and we resolved the "Beyonce is A Drag Queen" debate. *Mademoiselle M a post is coming soon with all the juice. thanks for asking:)
I spotted Alison Bethel, a former Hilltopper as she was coming in and as we are leaving we go say hello. She is a big time journalist who has chilled in the Oval Office and still as cool as she wanna be. She mentions she was just talking about me to her organization, The D.I.V.A.S, who I saw come out last week.
She ask had we heard about her new job.
We hadn't.
She tells us she is the new EIC of the Nassau Guardian - in the Bahamas! She's heading on a one-way ticket Monday and I am amazed and so glad we ran into her. Not only are they taking care of her apartment and a car - she's moving to the freaking Bahamas! You know I will have to take her up on the offer to visit:)
i get back to my room to change clothes for Cotton Club and let the margaritas wear off. After all this girl power I get slammed back to reality reading about Imus's comments about the Rutgers Women's basketball team.
That reinforced why girl power is important. It's fighting back against ignorance that likes to rob dignity and can be suffocating.

Cotton Club was so much fun and everybody looked great. see:)?

Today I got up and worked on the thesis then went to lunch with the girls. Walking to the car I see these bushes - frosted with snow. It's April 6th and tomorrow is Easter, Global Warming is not a joke.
Leaving lunch this guy offers to take a picture of us then his drunk friend jumps in as the lady with them starts saying move to the left, then sings irreplaceable as the guy in the picture says "oh yeah, riding dirty" and they sing chamillionaire and Im thinking do these white people really think that makes me think their "down?" WTF?
We hit friendship heights for shopping. I got this cute 70s-ish dress I can't wait to wear but most importantly got the new GIANT with Eve on the cover along with some other mags including Ebony with Halle on it and the 150 black power players and Upscale with Jada looking phenomenal.

Girl Power Still Rocks.
A great weekend, indeed.
End Scene.


  1. Bahamas Annie said...:

    Enjoyed reading your post - I can't believe you got to meet Robin Roberts...she's so great! Anyway, thanks for sharing and best of luck with your future adventures.