Imus Suspeneded

April 9, 2007

Read this story. Then see the part when he's talking to Sharpton, gets frustrated and says "I can't get anywhere with you people."

That's why that apology just won't due.

Who the hell is "you people?"

And the irony of it all is this is the guy who wants to call someone "nappy headed" with a squierrel on his head.
Hope your Easter was a good one.
I said I was giving up cussing because it's so unlady like. right?



  1. Elle* said...:

    I'm waiting til they send him to rehab. Hmph! If Isaiah Washington gets sent to rehab for "homophobia" he needs to be sent up too. Maybe I'm a little biased but I feel racism > homophobia? Now, part of me knows this issue is about
    I-gnora-MUS and him and his stupid remarks only, but WOW, why aren't these same disciplinary actions taken to misogynistic hip hop acts.