The Countdown Continues

April 21, 2007
I got up this morning and started grinning as I ran around the corner to yell at my roomie "WE GRADUATE IN THREE WEEKS" I have been so overwhelmed and overworked it really hadn't sunk in at all Im actually about to graduate from college and have a degree! But eating soul food Thursday mac&cheese (gotta love HBCUs:), getting the highest grade in the class on my marketing test (in a class with actual marketing majors!), and my cousin calling excited she got my graduation invitation and checking if we're still having the cook out at her house after the ceremony (which your all invited to on May 12th) opened my eyes up!
On the free minutes I have gotten lately I daydream about traveling the globe as something inside me has been burning to see the world.
I applied for this trip to Africa I hope I get and will cry either way when I find out. Either for tears of joy or . . . yeah, let's just hope its good news. I was all for working at a magazine in South Africa back in November till I punked out thinking I may not know what Im getting into with a whole other type of racism in the remnants of apartheid and the sun's kiss to my skin feeling like a smother.
But I can do it (in the Bobby Oshea voice from Water Boy).
I can, I can! And I will!
In the fall I got my mom to sign her and her ex-hubby-a-la-my-pops to send me on a trip for graduation. Then the rent reality sunk in and I thought their support could be better used for help for like I dont know, a bed:)?
But that want to see the world, and you know Im a conspiracy theorist so I take the advice of revolutionary activists to always keep your passport current because you never know when you'll need to get out of here, led me to applying for my renewed passport last week. Though sadly on the sheet when it said when and where are you going I had nothing to actually put. Like always, i got there just in enough time as I hustled across the street to get my new passport pic (inserted to the right) at CVS after paying.
Then last week me and Whit were talking again about how we should head to Egypt after graduation.
That $1400 plane ticket quickly put the breaks on for me.
As life is always weirder and more coincidental then any book I've read, this week this 2005 alum is saying shes heading to Cairo as a state ambassador and Im like I need to be heading to Cairo and me and my homie were just talking about Egypt!
So yeah. I really, really want and need to see the world.
Ok. Just had to put that out there.
If you are heading anywhere and have a little room in that suitcase just let me know.
My renewed Passport should be here in May.


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