I'm Done!!!

April 27, 2007

Yep, Im officially an alumna of Howard University and all the grades are in (Gotta tell mama Im Magna Cum Laude and a Thank Ya Laude too:) Yes, by all means I will accept a toast in my honor but only one shot because I realized last year how many calories alcohol has and if I am fortunate enough to get this trip to Jamaica, my hips can't afford a soco lime shot . . .ok, maybe one in memory of the best summer EVER. lol.
Well, now that I have completed my degree, I have a confession: I would completely be fine NEVER feeling the pressure to have to use it!
Now, I know I admitted to being sleep deprived but Im not crazy. really.
It's just the deeper I got in college, I realized I would be completely fine not having to be the breadwinner and being a "kept" woman. Meaning if I married a guy, who on top of being a match as my mate, also was financially secure so our well-being didn't rest on me pulling half that'd be just fine.
It shocked me when I first realized I would be ok with that because Ive always prided myself on my independence and gave my mom many headaches with my huffs of "I can do it"
But it just would be great to do what you really want to do and fully apply your talents if this months rent wasn't priority number one.
Speaking of being a kept woman, I have to slide a little Beyonce talk in. I know, I know, but I can't resist:)
It's just I love 'Flaws and All' and the video is cute I. And after jamming to the song and daydreaming on a love like that on comes her version of "Kissing You", though I didn't even know there was an original till Whit told me. So on comes "Still Loving You" and I try and get into it and everytime I find myself rolling my eyes. She's belting and so emotional and Im like don't cry about being away from JayZ because you NEVER have to be away from him a day in your life if you don't want to. So many other women with husband's who are in the army, working three jobs to take care of five children or incarcerated, would do a lot for a chance to never have to be away from their man.
So Beyonce, love ya girl, but you get NO sympathy for whining about being away from your boo.
Now I understand if you're crying you still love him after really losing him like "Principle Grier" on The Game on Monday. I was skaing my head after her tirade thinking she should have held back, though Im suspect of a black guy who is the ONLY black person among his closest friends . . .but her stats of 42 percent were pretty accurate from my thesis research.
Back to my "kept woman" thing, well, just to be clear it's not the same as a trophy wife.
Now, Im not with Whit's plan of being "Trophy Wife," though we differ on what a trophy wife is and debated whether in some couples we knew the wife was a "trophy wife." I mean, I think I have Upgrader potential and am a great socializer and hostess but I wouldn't want what I can do for your image to be the reason we were together and I wouldn't want a guy who liked women who used him for what he could do for them.
But I am saying, if I found a guy and we were a match, and he happened to be able to hold us down, that would be a sweet icing on the carrot cake Id perfect making for us as I relax and write the books swirling in my head.
just being real,
CJ .


  1. jaja said...:

    Condrats and welcome to the "real world1"

  1. La said...:

    First of all....



    Welcome alum. :-)

    I realized about 3 weeks ago I could be a kept woman. It was shocking because I'm all neo-feminist I am woman hear me roar, but then the boyfriend and I started talking about me being a stay at home mom, and it actually sounded like a damn good idea.

    Oh how the mighty have fallen, lol.

    That damn Beyonce. I love her but dammit if she didn't ruin one of the most beautiful songs of all time.

  1. Elle* said...:

    Magna Cum Laude!!! Whooooo!

  1. Mademoiselle M said...:

    Well first off, CONGRATS girl! You are one step closer to your dreams. I can't wait to be in your place next May!

    I am also a BIG fan of flaws and all. Especially the video. It's just so girly - that's the best I could do to sum it all up lol.

    And while I don't particularly care for the Kissing You song, I think you may be a little too harsh on our girl here. She isn't whining about her situation more than she's just writing a song for some of her fans to relate to. I don't think she's looking for sympathy with that one, rather she's doing her job as an artist. Just my thoughts on it.

    I look forward to hearing about ur successful endeavors in the future! And tell whitney she's left me hanging like an orphan child. I need blog updates and responses to my messages ASAP! thnx ;)

  1. shani-o said...:

    I'm so happy for you!s

  1. Miss Yasmine said...:

    i'm going to miss you! hopefully just like I followed you from the A to DC I'll go right on up the east coast and move to NYC too. and you know when it comes to being a kept woman NOBODY FEEL YOU LIKE I FEEL YOU!