The O Zone

April 2, 2007
So yesterday, like a true drama queen, I had a good cry. Then this morning like the cheesy Destiny's Child song - I put on that happy face. Life is good, real good, and I cant let the small stuff cloud my vision to forget that. My best blessing to date is a mama who is wise enough to see through my layers and a big enough heart to put up with me.
So now that Im done with the melodramatics I have to tell you about my AWESOME day.
This morning I go to my dentist appointment because its MUCH cheaper to get your dental work done at the dental school on campus. It's really inspiring (and a bit freaky) to see all these dental students seeing students like me and the dentists/professors correcting them on things. So my dental student takes my xrays. The old dentist loves talking to me and I love his stories.He went here years ago, served in the army and Vietnam. Asks me if I have a boyfriend. Tells me the moment he realizes his daughter is a woman "Oh lawd. When did my baby get a ass?" Well, I must have picked a busy day because the xray developing downstairs was backed up so they sent me away and told me to come back later in the week.
I get back to my room. I check my email. Now I have been applying for a few jobs and trying to get my network on for potential jobs so my heart always beats a little fast when opening my email.
My heart stopped. Then started again. Then jumped in my throat as I read the subject of one of my emails: "Ms. Oprah Winfrey to Speak at Commencement"
Oprah freaking Winfrey is speaking at my graduation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It get's NO better. Ya dig? At a meeting for our School of C exercise early March everyone was saying the speaker was going to be BIG. When you say big these days it could only be Oprah or Obama. I couldn't even get up the courage to hope for Oprah.
I share the news immediately with my BFF then we call our moms and I tell all my fellow bison I know.
I go meet up with Celeste and we hang on the yard.I love it, even if I do feel like a dinosaur around all these freshman. I go to my Business Law professor's office to go over my first test I failed - and had one of the highest grades in the class.
I drop by Professor Lamb's and use her as an excuse to get Starbucks and take her back a Frap. We talk about the new Heart&Soul and her write up about her boating experience inside, which made me want to travel - much like my Vixen horoscope said I would be feeling. I ask her to bring me a copy because my write up taking back an item without a receipt is inside (thanks to great interview with the Budget Fashionista!)
I get back to my room and for the second time today my email box makes me jump up and down out of excitement(literally). You know I LOVE me some Giant magazine and went to Borders Saturday just to pick up the new issue with Eve which they didn't have . . but I did finally get Obama's Dreams from My father and some other books. One of the editors from Giant liked my pitch on Reality TV taking out the regular black chic, let me write it and posted the piece on the site. Im so pumped! Check it out and do leave a comment.
Im still cheesing and have great friends who make me smile (like Tara who shouted me out. Thanks girl!)
I sooo thought Chance was going to win "I Love NY." not that I watch that show. cough.
So it has been an amazing day . . .Oprah . . .GIANT.
Im really enjoying this moment.
Moment's over.
Back to work.

p.s. I hate there's no other phrase to use but "Shout's out" to my girl Razzi and all my other buddies, or non-buddies who read the blog and don't comment. I love the invisible love just the same. Thanks for reading!


  1. the joy said...:

    Yay Oprah! Hi, btw, thanks for showing me blog love. How did you submit to giant? I'd love to be published.

  1. Elle* said...:

    WOWZER! OPRAH is BIG! That in itself is enough to make someone's day. Congrats on the GIANT. I'm going to email ya soon.

  1. Well of course I shouted you out. Can't let accomplishments go unnoticed...I sent quite a few people over there to check out your article. It was good. I was nodding my head in agreement as I was reading it..It's so 1994 of me to say but "You go girl"..lol