You have my permission to mush me

March 31, 2007

If you happen to run into me take your pointer and middle fingers, put them together, place them in the middle of my forehead and get to mushing.
Yesterday my little sister from Big Brothers/Big Sisters came to campus and hung out with me. It worked out so well because my little from last year I flaked on was there, her new big wasn't able to come, so she was able to hang with me too and I could try and redeem myself. In 8th grade scooping her ice cream and taking a picture of her and Terrance from 106 & Park quickly got me back on her good side. We hang on the yard, check out Founders and I see a lot of buddies hanging around. It was a great day to visit the school as the D.I.V.A.S and the Sigmas both came out and the 2nd Annual Hip Hop Symposium was on campus and Doug E. Fresh was the keynote. They werent fazed by Doug but knowing Terrance and Rocsi were MCing Doug E's session made them hurry through lunch so we could be to Cramton on time. Getting there I was really disappointed by the turn out but not surprised. Howard kids are spoiled and I just happen to find out about it through facebook and then the Hilltop did an article the day of.Rocsi and Terrance definitely are charismatic and made a great host . . .since honestly I dont watch 106 or any BET programming enough to know the talent.
Doug E. Fresh put it down!
He was hilarious and just made me want to curl up and listen to his stories allllll day. Right after detailing how long it took to save up for his first pair of British Walkers, and the feeling of opening the box after getting them (he actually made that "awww" sound like opening the bible) and taking off the plastic each was wrapped in, he didn't even want to wear em out of fear of something happening. Just as quickly he would switch to telling how he's coming from LA after being at American Idol working with the guy who beat boxes, flying over on a private jet and how the show he pitched to VH1 was "too intelligent." sidenote: he said 'I love New York' has actually beat Flavor of Love in ratings . . .wow. He was honest and really was able to step back and look at Hip Hop as an evolving industry that.

Now to why you can mush me. Hindsight is sooooooooo 20/20. I pitched this story to one of my favorite magazines of the moment to put on their sexy site. It actually got a green light. Doug E Fresh was the PERFECT man to give the quote that would really make it hot and he was right on campus. . .and I have no Doug E Fresh quote. There's a lesson in everything and damn did I learn this one the hard way. But my Littles had a great time so i guess I did something right. All the 8th grade girls were waiting for Terrance (and Rocsi too) to come down afterwards to take pictures and sign autographs and they went crazy! They really asked his shoe size and favorite colors . . and the bold one asked what his phone number was. He smirked and gave them his myspace info which they quickly gobbled up.
I wondered to myself when I was in 8th grade who I was crazy for like that and I could only think of Usher circa 'My Way' and Dru Hill, especially Sisqo.
So last night me and my best friend went to the University Fashion Council's Fashion Show because my girl Anya was in it. The first of many fashion shows and it was pure comedy. You know we love to get our people watch on and it was absolutely crazy. The guys are suspect or obviously can tell they think they are the shit. But they have nothing on this guy in my weight training class I think I am about to try and talk to. Im graduating soon so what's there to loose? He's shy, but I caught him seriously checking me out . . .twice and he has 'the back.' I'll keep you posted.
Me and celeste are just talking and laughing at the show and somehow I say somebody who I cant even remember now looks like Steve Urkel. She totally disagrees and then says, "You remember when he use to turn into Steph-an (who we called Steph-foine . . .cuz he was foine) Arkel and we would go crazy?" And I am rolling because I remember, being excited when that commerical showed Steve going into that chamber, going home from school, eating Little Caesar's pizza with the family and hardly containing myself waiting for TGIF and Stephan to come out that chamber. Now I understand how my girls felt about Terrance.