My Thoughts of Late: Fly High . . .sort of.

March 16, 2007
Party People! Awwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah.

yep, that's the tag team opening line for 'woop' and also the theme song from my bday including 'Get me bodied' which STILL has this guy calling me though I NEVER pick up the phone. And no, none of this has anything to do with this post . . .

Today I was suppose to head to Atlanta. Well, on a standby ticket, bad weather around the east coast and delta flights to Atlanta being cancelled last night, all the flights were overbooked all day leaving no room for baby CJ in the inn.

Anyone who has experienced Buddy pass/Stand-by hell knows how frustrating it can be hoping you make it on.
But honestly, I had a great day!

I had some great quality time with one of my favs. Me and Lorraine reconnected and I remembered why I always loved her!
I started 'To be Young, Black and Gifted' from the very beginning, reading each page slow, and highlighting the things that especially stuck to me, which was hard since she is so damn gifted and I "get" her. Or maybe her ability to anticipate the future reached this far and she "got" me and knew the comfort and delight I would find in her work.
Though it's great to be "above average" at anything, that also comes with the reality you are away from the norm and less people get you.
As Lorraine said and Mitzi has as her email quote:
The thing that makes you exceptional, if you are at all, is inevitably that which must also make you lonely.

I have read her good friend James Baldwin's introduction to her book at least a dozen times and it still touches me every time. Two loners finding comfort in each other is something I can relate to. She died so young.
I have never been afraid of death, but reading her work, and feeling like we were having girl talk with her quick wit and comments feeling like they were just for my amusement I was reminded who we really are doesn't have to die.
Diddy, Sanaa and Claire Huxtable started filming her 'Raisin in the Sun' last fall. So glad Lorraine didn't let her writing dreams shrivel up out in that desert.
Well, I hope I make it on a plane tomorrow, something my sister Lorraine never got the nerve up to do.
-Queen who'd Love to be a Little Lorraine (and, like, loves alliteration)


  1. queen-to-be said...:

    yeah, this was when she is was in Vogue in like '58:) I love it!

  1. Raisin in the Sun...my favorite book/play ever

    Shame she died so young.