I Stank I Can

March 24, 2007
Wow. Spring Break has been . . .amazing. And confirmed something we already knew. I am weird. Like, reaaaally weird.
I'm still in NY after a wonderful time in Atl. And though I want to tell you ALL about it, my camera's USB doesn't work on this computer and I don't want to post without pics. Like how we act like we didn't live without cell phones just fine when we misplace ours for a second, I am hooked to having pics in the blog. But I couldn't wait till Monday to get out all these thoughts Im having and sharing these good times I am sure I will look back at with a smile, so welcome to Sam's and here's a sample.

So yeah, I was saying, I Stank I Can!
I really am trying to stick to my goals for this year, though this break has wrecked havoc on my no candy/little alcohol workout plan (and after I could get back in these pants that had me depressed over Christmas. I feel a little more off the wagon.)I am doing a little better on my plan to freelance more.
God is good and I am writing.
here for Heart & Soul's website on the real deal on pregnancy and seafood. I was really taking aback when this OB/GYN was saying how black women aren't comforted by having another black woman as their doctor, but sometimes give her a harder time or want another doctor. Frank Ski was talking about that same mindset saying how blacks (and Larry King) are tougher on Barack Obama but blindly followed Kerry knowing nothing. interesting stuff.
Speaking of Obama, I also wrote this story on him that got picked up by Washington Informer on how he compares to pop culture's first black president like Chris Rock's Head of State.
So, those weird dreams with Cee-lo (who I sadly heard is separated from his funky wife. hope that wasn't true) I have and me reminiscing on that day I had those holy underwear on the playground and my uniform came up that I still have not fully forgiven my mom for, I am constantly thinking.
And have gotten better shaping those weird thoughts into story pitches.
I was REALLY excited when I got a green light to interview Janelle Monae, the amazing artist who I describe as like the younger sister of Outkast musically, which is appropriate as she works directly with Lucious Leftfoot who you may know as Big Boi.
One of my favorite interviews ever. I don't know what I was expecting but we quickly related and I was comforted knowing Im not the only old lady soul out here:) After talking at Wondaland we went to Stankonia where they were mixing her upcoming album that she let me listen to a little. I was hooked. You'll have to read the story for the rest I guess;)
So yeah, Spring Break has been just what I needed and once I get my pics Ill give details.
But till then I hold tightly to my weirdo card - I went to class during my spring break! and the old lady still lives inside having afternoon tea, twice. so, if Im an old lady . . . .what's the oldest a guy can be for me to talk to?

Stank Ya Smelly Much for all the love!


  1. Leslie Nicole said...:

    oooh, i cant wait to here more about the interview... and see pics of course.....

    all the best

  1. Elle* said...:

    Good job on the freelancing! Oh, and that's who you were referring to! I never heard her music before but saw her in an Outkast vid. I'll look her up on Myspace...Everyone's got one these days!