We Major!

March 6, 2007
So my friends, I'm walking to the School of Communications for my 2pm class today after lunch with my cousin and her "friend" when I'm walking by the ilab and I get this strong inkling to go inside. I didn't know why I should go inside but I usually have good intuition and followed my instinct. I didn't scout a new crush or find a dollar but I did find the unexpected high point of my day when I checked facebook. John, who was one of Danyel's top two interns at Vibe last summer(and shameless plug, he first got his foot in the door when the magazine group visited the magazine sophomore year!) and he had shared Danyel's latest post on her blog. Check it!!!! Bananas right?

He said how she started the blog in November. She is SOO freaking busy it made it even more special that we might have motivated her to post. And if your lazy I'll be kind and quote her words for ya . . .or maybe I just really want a reason to read it again:)

"I'm still a bit energized by my weekend trip to
Washington DC. I was down there for the Howard University Magazine Conference,
and the kids are better than allright: almost too wise and
good-looking and thorough.
Ready for action, they seem, organized and
focused enough to make me scared for anyone who stands in their way. They made
me feel welcome, and I was happy to see
MItzi down there, and Joyce, too."

Now I make no secret of the fact I tend to be dramatic. But I really was close to a little water coming to my eyes walking from the ilab to the school and not just from that crazy ass DC wind. Like, it was just a good moment and felt like everything had come full circle, especially her shouting out Mitzi and Joyce like that! Shoot, I'm also motivated to update this here blog because I'm no way near as busy as the the eic of TWO magazines and definitely could use a new template (ahem . . .Shani . . . .Antuan).

This is also the perfect time to shout out my buddy
ELLE* who is close to following her dreams in journalism! The money will most definitely come and your happiness will be even bigger than that!

And if your interested in magazines and will be in NY March 22nd here's info on a FREE conference in the city!

*******An exclusive one-day career insight conference on building a career in magazines for college undergrads, graduate students and recent grads being held on March 22, 2007 at McGraw-Hill in New York City (see program and write-up below).

9:15 “Which Magazine Job is Right for You?”
10:30 “Why Magazines?”
10:45 “A Day in the Life of a Designer”
12:00pm Lunch Break
12:30 “Why Magazines?”
12:45 “The ‘IT’ Factor: What Makes an Ideal Candidate?”
1:30 Practical Advice: What You Don’t Know
2:45 “What’s Next: Your Career Options”
3:30 “Why Magazines?”
3:45 Light Refreshments & Networking

Confirmed Speakers:

Mimi Valdes, Magazine Consultant
Vanessa Bush, Executive Editor, Essence
Danica Daniel, Editor In Chief, Black Beat Magazine & Right On!
Florian Bachleda, Founder & CEO, FB Designs
George Pitts, Director of Photography, Life
Arem Duplessis, Art Director, The New York Times Magazine
Wyatt Mitchell, Art Director, O, The Oprah Magazine

Sarah Vinas, Deputy Art Director, Portfolio
Won Kim, VP of Business Strategy, AsianDiversity
Amy Barnhart, Hearst Magazines
Betty Cortina, Editorial Director, Latina
Sheryl Hilliard-Tucker, Editor-at-Large, Time Inc
Sonia Alleyne, Careers/Consumer Editor, Black Enterprise
Andrea Chambers, Director, M.S. in Publishing Program, NYU
Andrew Simon, Managing Editor, Complex Magazine

Register now at www.magazine.org/diversity and spread the word to your network of college students and recent grads.

I'm going and let me know if you are too! We really can all be as major as we wanna be. And you know you doing BIG things when the haters come out. Be sure to check out FAMU and the AUC's comments on Danyel's post.



  1. Leslie Nicole said...:

    I wish i could go to the conference. I'm so gonna try to get my booty up 2 New York for that event.


  1. i wanna go!! I'm going to try to find a way to make it to NYC!!!

  1. Elle* said...:

    Hey Queen..thanks for the shoutout. You know something funny, when u emailed me that by mistake, I was like "hmmmm?" but now I think I should have my arse up in there! Ok, lemme make sure I don't have any exams that day...I'll email u, but as of now, it looks like I'm in the house!

  1. Darby said...:

    Wow!!!!Thats so amazing! See, this just makes me love her even more and I am now motivated to update my blog as well. lol

    By the way, we ARE such kindred spirits... it's almost creepy! But dont have me get N.O. on you for my honey, Reggie. That there is serious! lol