Let the juices flow!

March 8, 2007
I just left one of my newest regularly read blogs and blogger buddies d. chedwick bryant and the latest post inspired me to be honest. Honestly, your probably wondering how can that be when Im already probably a little too honest telling you about my crushes, arguments with the family and embarrassing childhood stories . . .yes, that really did happen on a Friday (our wash day when I was little) and my uniform jumper flipped over my head on the playground and I had on holy underwear.
Anywho, D. Chedwick had me thinking of the other creative sides of me that I don't share with the world or give people a chance to even shoot down. I think once we creative folks open the door of creativity and come on in, we don't just channel it into that one thing we are REALLY good at, which for me is writing.

So my creative juices have flowed to . . .
1) My Cooking. Creativity is crucial in the kitchen being open to new foods and mixing things that normally don't go together. In high school me and my best friend use to pretend we were doing some cooking show and making shrimp scampi with all types of seasoning, cucumber salads and spiking our frozen drinks. Just in the last few months have I really been exploring my talents in cooking and I am loving every second of it. This philly cheesesteak is from the summer when it finally sunk in anything I like to eat out I can cook for myself at home!

2) My Voice. Im no Mariah and I always uncomfortable when I have to hear my voice on a tape and wonder how people put up with it. BUT, all through elementary, middle and high school I was in my church choir(like 90% of little black girls Im sure) I was decent and had my chair of solos. Up until I graduated high school I held down the soprano section and this high pitched voice was put to good use! For my church's 125th Anniversary when I was like 8 I had a solo on 'Let Peace Begin with Me' as the Marsalis Brothers played.
I also am a pretty good public speaker and was probably better at is as a child then I am now, and I still think im aiight. Im soon trying out to do a little something at our School of Communications graduation. Wish me luck!

3) My hands. I played the piano for nine years before quiting as a moody teenager. One of my few regrets as a child is not sticking it through. Whenever I am around one I want to play and still can deliver a mean 'Entertainer.' I also bought myself a guitar off of ebay two years ago and still haven't gotten past teaching myself to tune it and do some chords . . .but I love it and I will get better!

4) My Dancer's Feet. Typical suburban girl you know I took the standard ballet, jazz and tap class as a child. I loved it.
I quit.
I wanted to play softball too, my mom said she didn't want me messing up my knees so I rebelled and quit dance and took up gymnastics at the Y. But the dancer in me still enjoyed seasonal dances with my church troupe and today if Beyonce comes on it's over!

5) My words. Though I never call myself a poet, as I have gotten older I write poems a lot more as I am inspired. I look through old diaries and realize I was writing poems but because they didnt all rhyme or only a paragraph long I didn't consider them poems. Currently I have reverted to my 7th grad self and am obsessed with Haiku's. Usually people who are creative don't like math, but I love math, and completely love the merger of creative thought and a formula in this art form.

6)My works of art. As a child at least once a week I would take newspaper and put it on our kitchen floor and either pull out my paint set or some play dooh and I would be good for an hour. Now, since I know my talents, I also know my limitations. Im no great artist and it was always a struggle to color inside the lines because Im not a girl who's easily bound. But one thing I always loved was color! So Im not getting my Beyonce on with Water Colors but I do bring color to anything I can. Right now Im looking at this new candle I have (shhh .. . we're not suppose to have them in the dorm) and its salmon, canary and blue and fits right in with the blue comforter red recliner and teal and lilac pillows I have going on in here. I respect fashion too much to pretend to be a fashion girl, but I love playing dress up! I think I rarely leave home without my dash of color, whether my mustard bag/tam/belt just brightens me up. So I may not paint, but when spring comes and I pull out my dresses, I have a closet of masterpieces, ya dig?

I've shared enough, that is if you could make it through a post after someone tells you of their holy underpants as a child. I also love to get my hands dirty and would love to join anyone who does pottery or anything with mud or clay. Well, let me know.

creatively yours,


  1. Wow, Queen, you are awe inspiring. I had a friend who turned a bland deck with junk stored on it into a color paradise. she just got a lot of terra cotta pots all sizes, some paint and sealer, and went to work. She got plant cuttings from friends, and It feels very Caribbean now, that deck, and you want to be in that space! It is winter now, and she's painting furniture. Her color combinations are amazing.

    I never really thought how creative people can be with food--

    You have so much creative energy too.

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  1. Darby said...:

    okay this is starting to become quite creepy, the fact that we're *here* so much.

    So I too learned to love cooking and the creative license you can have with it, but for me it was in college. I was also in the choir at church and the gospel chorus at my high-school, but please dont ever ask me to sing for you. lol

    I started playing the piano, but stopped a long time ago and the only thing I now remember how to play is Lean On Me. And I took tap, jazz, and ballet when I was younger and rebelled in 6th grade, quit them all and joined the basketball, softball, and cabbageball teams.

    As for writing poetry, thats actually how I got into the writing game. I was writing poems since like the third grade (no lie, I have them all in a notebook. lol), but I would feel sooo wrong about calling myself a poet. I tell everyone I'm a writer; I write poems, but am by no means a poet.

    And you know I love a mean splash of color as well. And arts and crafts, I'm the "queen" of arts and crafts! lol

    I'm beginning to think we were separated at birth, except I'm a little older and we werent born in the same area, but you get me.

  1. Darby said...:

    wow, that was REALLY long... lol