Living in the Shadow

March 28, 2007

After a day full of classes it finally sunk in that Im graduating in a little over six weeks. Crazy right? Im actually getting a "degree." Last night as it continued to sink in that this was it, this was my last first day of spring on the Yard where everybody is out to see, and most importantly, be seen, and I realized I wanted something more to mark these four years.

I wanted a class ring.
This class ring to be exact.

After completely dismissing the idea along with my BF and saying what a waste back in January, all of a sudden Im wondering if its too late to order and it get here in time for graduation.
After picking my perfect one and calling and placing my order with Joanie at Herff Jones. We decide size (7), stone(alternating blue and white), metal (14k gold) and are about done when she gives me what it will cost, not including shipping and handling: $763.79.
Yep. $700 dollars. I would probably never want to wear it out of fear of something happening and me going crazy. I paid around $200 or $300 for my high school ring and was not having to soon worry about rent and food at the time. So I tell Joanie Ill have to call her back. I hang up. Shocked . . .but not deflated. I check around online, even check Wal-Marts online selection, then find a ring that will do the trick. You know Im imaginative, so as I pick this ring, I think of my granddaughter who my daughter will give this ring to. crazy right? It doesn't have the seal in the middle and alternating blue and cubic stones going around yet I love it already. (that UTEP will say HOWARD and my full name, well middle intial because no room for katie, will be inside with " 'o7" and "B.A." on the sides)
Then I go meet with my counselor just to make sure Im not ordering stuff for nothing and I am indeed graduating. She looks in my manila folder and let's me know Im still on track to walk across that stage. Sorry Kanye.
As I was walking to her office I saw a flier on the wall say Sheila Johnson was being honored and "exemplary female students" could sign up to go to the luncheon. My heart is beating as i JUST had talked to my god mom about her and wanting to meet her after hearing about her. I rush to the lovely Ms. Dudley's office and she tells me it's a little late but somehow I JUST made it and let's me be added to the list she is sending. wow, right?
So now this weekend I have to get an outfit worthy of company with a billionaire. any suggestions? guess I should be studying for that test . . .and yes my business law final is still worth 40 percent of my grade.


  1. Charmell said...:

    I like your blog and I'm excited to see what your future will be like. I strongly relate to your story about the class ring. I didn't think I wanted one until my last semester at school when my impending graduation finally felt REAL to me. I went ahead and ordered one. It arrived a few days before Christmas and I rocked it everyday until my March graduation. No regrets.