Spring Break I: A-Town Still Down

March 25, 2007

I finally made it out of DC last Sunday morning. . . after my suitcase made the trip Friday morning. Got home, settled, went by and saw my oldest friend (pre-kindergarten and we're still tight -third grade she was raggedy ann and I was Mary Poppins in our school play . . .yes it was a black school:) who was having serious relationship drama then headed to every girl's favorite therapist - my hairdresser.
Monday was shopping and falling back in love with the city. Went downtown for dinner with my Ieesha and her teach for America buddies at this place called Sweet Lowdown right around the corner from that Tasti Delite. I was trying to stay away from the drinks because I knew once I got to NY it was on. Well $5 mojitos ended that. Good times on Peachtree. Than I met up with my summer intern buddy and Spelmanite Christian who the guys in Times Square and we now call 'Super Slim,' my favorite superhero! Her and her roommate are all tan after their break the week before in Miami. Her roomie says how she wants to teach in South Africa after graduation. We all say how we would love to teach at Oprah's school ( I dont tell them the crazy girl I am emailed Diane Hudson about that very thing back in December) So then Christian goes she is watching the special in her class on Wednesday. And who does she is the professor? My favorite author Pearl Cleage! This lady is a freaking genius in making characters come alive. And Christian adds it should be ok if I go to class.
We hurry back to their apartment. Did they have to study? no. wanted to go to bed early? nope. These chics wanted to watch wolfie - this amateur porn that comes on access tv that all the spelman chics watch. No, its not actual "porn" just weird people fighting each other in wolf suits. Funny stuff.
So Tuesday I go rent a car and the guy who does all my paper work is a big football cutie who went to school with my brother and knows my mom. And once again in 24 hours I am hating DC and its lack guys as he flirts and I flirt right back:). I then head to do my interview of Janelle. After we talk for a while and she let's me listen to her first suite from 'Metropolis' I am trying to be all objective but am LOVING her music and just . . .her spirit. So then their like 'you been to stankonia? wanna head over and see them mix the music" I play cool like Im there everyday. Great stuff. By this time I've been trying to stay chill and collected when I grab the door going back inside the studio like I havent seen all these guys doing construction and have a hand of gray paint the rest of the day. Aww well.
So I make my way back to the eastside and head to Ms. Sheila's to get my hair done. My friend eesh is always saying she wants a "casual 1o inch." Well, there's nothing casual about this 12 inch I got going on.
Wednesday I return the car, I do my Wal-Mart and Staples trip and get a new simple leather portfolio for my clips and let my HU blue and white polka dot one go. No more intern cuteness . . .I need a job, ya dig?
I hurry back, pack my bag and am right on time for Mama Wells to pick me up for our Tea Date. We get to this cute little spot and are set for Full Afternoon Tea which was absolutely great. We already know Im an old lady. So after a leisurely afternoon and me already excited for retirement as she tell me how she was at a B&B in Charleston the week before owned by Sheila Johnson, the former wife of BET's Bob Johnson and the richest black woman in America right after Oprah. I am hooked as Mama Wells tells me how Sheila was actually there while they were there and stopped what she was doing to come over and talk to them. A true billionaire and she told me she was so nice. We finish up our many flavors of tea and head to the gift shop in the back where I get another tea drainer that actually is a little tea pot with holes in it for the the tea leaves to soak with. So I have two so far, the other I got on that sweet date on the Baltimore Harbor. By the time I get to NY it's going to be on!

After tea I get back in enough time to grab my bag and be dropped off at Spelman. We put my bag in my friend's truck and head to class . . .Peal Cleage's Class! It was great. The first hour we talked about current news and talking about Judith Plame we got on the FBI and how they kept files on EVERYONE and how Professor Cleage got a box full of files on her dad who was a teacher and preacher and not affiliated with the Panthers or any parties but just stood up for black rights. The organist in her church - who had taught her and sister piano - had been one of the guys watching her and her family. See, Im not a conspiracy theorist for nothing! Crazy stuff goes on everyday!
The second half we watch the Oprah special and everyone is tearing up. It was beautiful so if I have to be the lame who goes to class during spring break I'll be that. The second Professor Cleage cuts off the video she asks "Those girls really wanted to be at the school for leadership for girls, much like Spelman is a place for black women leaders. Do you girls feel that way about Spelman that they feel about their school?" At the same time two girls go "Hell No." We discuss why they felt that way and she assigns the class to list what 5 books they would give to the school's library as Oprah asked guests to bring their favorite book the library. Im having a hard time thinking of what 5 I'd do. We hit Taco Bell and Christian drop me off at the train station that took me to the airport. Great times in Atlanta! If I didnt love New York so damn much I would definitely be heading back down.

Queen who was a Peach first.