When I lay me down to sleep

March 13, 2007
So last night me and my best friend celeste went to some club. It's dark when we get inside and their is an upstairs but we decide to stay down and go check our coats in the back of the club in the middle. The coat check area which I think also was a snack bar or something looks like the place in the skating rink you go to get skates because the lights are so bright back there. So I assume we check our coats and then sit on these pew like benches to the left. We are thinking about heading upstairs and even start walking towards them when we hear Gnarls Barkley 'Crazy' come on, people start getting rowdy and we realize Cee-lo is indeed in the house and on the Mic. We rush back and get our seats on the pew which is like the front row. Everybody sits down. It's still dark but feels more like a meeting than a night club. He performs and Im loving it! On his third song we hold eye contact for a long time and everybody starts screaming looking at him looking at me. (intense but nothing sexual . . .thank the Lord) So he finishes that song and starts talking about how we need to help communities and talking about the struggles of Latinos and I look around and see the room is about half white-half black. As he's talking, he walks around the big circle that is clear in the middle of the room for him to perform.he then walks over near our bench. Earlier it was me and Celeste on the end but now there's a white girl sitting at the end of the row next to me and Celeste on my other side. There is like a book bag or something between me and the girl on the row. Cee-lo comes over and sits down between me and the girl and just keeps talking. Im nodding my head and playing cool and Celeste is way excited on the side of me and I notice another of our friends is now siting on the other side of her who I think might have been Michael.
So Celeste starts whispering all loud, 'where's is your camera we need a camera.' And Im thinking 'why is she so loud? Im no groupie!' I have a camera in my purse but am NOT taking it out.
Cee-lo then looking at the crowd says I have a camera and pulls one out of his pocket and hands to the person on the pew across the room facing us to take the picture. He puts his arm around me and the girl on the other side of him and her friend and we all cheese and take the picture. Celeste then grabs my purse and is fumbling for my camera and saying Im a take some more shots while he sitting here. After we take the pics with his camera he gets up and goes sort of near the front left side where we came in. It's still pretty dark in there. he starts talking some more than says how Buckey was fighting Buck Wild on Flavor of Love 2 and acts like he is fighting somebody and we are all rolling! In my head when he said Buckey I thought Boots and laughing hard I look down the row and she is sitting there at the end of the row! Boots was looking rough with this green cami and scarf on her head. I was about to call her out when this girl goes up to act out a Flavor of Love scene. She basically does the same scene Cee-Lo just did and gets two claps from the crowd for not being original. Celeste slides past me and goes upstairs in what looks to be a house upstairs. She comes back quickly and holds this white baby shirt with colorful flowers at the bottom up to her shirt so it looks like her stomach is showing and she instantly looks like Deelishus and we all start laughing. She does this whole scene saying "hey daddy," and sucking her cheeks in to look like she has dimples. Then she's all 'you don't have to meet my child or spend time with him because my baby daddy make good money. I dont need you to pay child support or spend anytime with him' and she really sounds like deelishus! Everybody is rolling as she slides back into the seat. Another girl goes up and her scene is wack. Cee-lo is just laughing and watching as people orderly come participate in this Flavor of Love charades. I then get the perfect idea to do 'Like Dat' and do the big girl lingerie scene and 'smack my butt' dance and know everyone would LOVE it. I am thinking how cool this night has been and how I cant wait to see those pics of chillin with cee-lo and tell everybody about it. I saw him when I was home for Christmas last year at the Havanna Club in Atlanta and was going to tell him that.
Then I woke up.
I dream at night. I dream A LOT and always in color. But last night's dream was a bit much, ya think and SO REAL! I think I need to go back to sleep to rest after that. There's no way I could possibly know ( or do I want to) what that dream meant . . .subconsciously am I just ready to go to Atlanta this weekend and looking forward to 'Charm School' with the Flavor of Love girls and Monique? I hope that's all that meant . . .

Queen, the crazy dreamer, literally.


  1. Hey Charreah,

    I don't know if I'll be able to make it to NYC next week. I talked to Ms. Hawkins and she said she couldn't help me out. I tried looking on AirTran but those web specials were gone....

    I'm still working on it, but if I don't make it, enjoy the day for me. Let me know how it went!

  1. Elle* said...:

    OMGawd! Girlie, u had me going! I was like Cee-Lo...What!

  1. shani-o said...:

    LOL... you're so weird.