Spring Break II: NYC

March 27, 2007
So I make it to NY. One thing so different in NY and Atlanta is the separation of rich and poor when it comes to transportation. In New York you see Prada and Manolos on the train. No biggie. In Atlanta, well, everybody drives so if you are on the train and not going to the airport . . . Gucci is most likely gotcha.
I land Wednesday night and make it to my cousin's in Harlem around 11:45pm. Frustrated I didn't make copies of my resume before Wednesday got so good yet busy, and now the grocery store around the corner where she had told me I could make copies is closed. I hang my head in shame. I look up. My cousin has a copier right in the living room Im staying in. It already has stock paper ready for a crisp resume. God really does love me:)
I get up extra early because I know I need to iron (something I NEVER do) this wrinkled black blouse I have had since I was a junior in high school and my mom calls my ashy black wrinkled favorite shirt and do something with this 'not so casual' 12 inch. Meet Darby at the 116th stop and we head into the city.
We get off on the 1 train at 50th street and walk to 49th and 6th Ave, walking right past Time Inc where I spent my summer last year and I was sure to point that out to her and every other point of interest, probably more for my sake then hers.
Damn it felt good to be back in THE city!
We get to the conference a little early and go sit down where breakfast is available. Im still not completely comfortable in my high waisted skirt especially after eating way too good all week but let the insecurities go as we see more and more familiar faces. Pharoh comes. Shaena comes.
I feel like a rockstar as Nakisha comes looking like she walked straight off a runway, sees me, points and comes on over. She's also in a high waisted skirt and black top so Im feeling a little stylish if im dressed like InStyle's online EA who just got upgraded to an office!Her rows of pearls completed the look.
Then Tammy, my ASME summer suite mate who was at Ladies Home Journal comes in with LaToya who is a beast working at Vogue last summer as a sophomore and has plenty lined up for this summer.
I go in to sit and the beautiful and spunky Shaunice, who's job it is to help more brown faces like mine make it to a masthead, asks me to do the time cards. Im happy I could help in any way the person who hands down made our magazine conference at Howard possible. She sits me right next to one of my sheroes, Vanessa Bush, the executive editor at Essence and its so good to see her. One of my other mentors Corynne from Real Simple is there looking amazing . . .and on her way to Vegas the next day. Im telling yall, lets put in the work so we can be heading on trips for a break, when we are already looking fly:) The conference was amazing and I met a lot of new people and reconnected with some great folks I met before. . .which lead me to asking what was the oldest guy I should be trying to talk to at 22 (help:)!
After the conference me, Darby and Nakisha head to 5th Ave as Nakisha hunts for a trench coat. We end up in H&M and that Madonna line is everywhere. You like? I mean, I think Madonna is cool, but I don't necessarily want to be dressed by her.
So me and Darby head back uptown because I am pumped as Zenitra texts me saying we are bringing all our summer fun back! And we do at Wish 26 where i spent EVERY Thursday night last summer. As always, more guys than girls and fellas with there stuff together and wearing the hell out of some suits . . .my type of party:) Once again in this week, im frustrated to have to go back to DC.
Friday me and Darby hit my fav soul food spot Amy Ruth's for lunch. I get the catfish and yams and resist the mac and cheese for some green beans. who knew green peppers could really upgrade some green beans? try it, I know I am.
That night I Shani, Arion and my new buddy Charisse invite me to come with to a friend of a friends of a friend's birthday party VIP room at 40/40. Well, for the first time EVER I have under packed and don't have anything to wear as Shani tells me she is wearing a skirt and top. One of the MANY things I love about new york, I head up to 125th, grab a dress for under $15 and have time to take a quick nap before meeting them for dinner at my favorite thai spot in the city Cafetasia on 8th st. And yes, once again I weave one of my favorite spots into everyone else's plan. 40/40 is the usual 'just alright' crowd and they were tearing it up in that VIP room which meant it was hot and a tad bit funky. But I have a good time with my girls and run into Z's friend I met the night before at Wish and I think he was a little too happy to see me;)
Saturday I get up and head to Harlem Tea Room with my buddy Elle* and we have a great time as always. I walk with her to the library which hopefully will be my local library if I get my roomies on board for Harlem . . .not Brooklyn, though its a great plan B! Walking to 125th so I can catch the train to go shop with my girls, we see these guys with clothes laying on the ground to sell. Before I can get uppity and wiggle my nose in disdain, i come back to reality and spot these FLY glasses on the ground next to some jeans. I pick them up, LOVE them and then try and act nonchalant as I ask how much. I am ready to offer $10. He says $3. I act unfazed and pay. I heart Harlem!
We stop at Carol's Daughter and after using that body salt every time I go in and scrub my hands, I treat myself to a jar. I love it! I still wish they would bring the oils back:(
I make my way to my old neighborhood of Union Square and meet the girls in Forever 21. It's as busy as you would suspect on a Saturday Afternoon. I am in heaven once again when we hit Jammba Juice before heading to 17th and 7th to the Loehmans. Way too much stuff and not as good of deals as DC.
I hit my Mean Girls/Andre 3000 fellow fanatic Jan who is now in the city freelancing in beauty at Vixen where she interned last summer and tell her to meet us at BBQs in Time Square. LaToya also makes her way. After a looonnnnggg wait, everyone is there and we have a ball . . .or maybe they just had fun watching me because I was tipsy and talkative after that texas Blue Hawaii. Our drink server was GORGEOUS with these chiseled arms . . .hmmm.
Sunday I meet with my sexy and employed buddy Kristin who works at Real Simple. We go to this French Bakery with all these funky omelets and crepes and I had an oyster omelet. good stuff! She invites me to be the first to check out her harlem apartment on St. Nichols right around from my cousin at 117th and Lenox and I quickly accept. After getting over it was a 5 flight walk up - no elevators -Im already imagining this is my apartment:) I look at every inch up and close, which Im glad Kristin and her roommate didn't mind and it sinks in this will soon be my life. Talk to Mikey and Ashley for me . . .Harlem over Brooklyn!
On the way to Kristin's apartment I noticed this ad at the bus stop on this new NYC condom brand and the ad was interesting as the logo plays on the train numbers. Then walking back I see this empty wrapper in front of Native, a cute little restaurant we use to go to that's now closed:(, and instantly thought "guess business is good."
So Monday my stalkerazzi ways land me an informational with Danyel who is phenomenal as always and fly in this grown and sexy plaid skirt and white blouse with some chocolate pumps. All the people in the office are . . .amazing and BEAUTIFUL. You know I try and be tight lip when it comes to work places but I had to get that out. Hopefully, Ill be able to share some MAJOR news soon with you guys. So I make it to the airport Monday evening and who knew the NY to DC flights were from way way back in the airport somewhere. wow. So my final spring break? phenomenal. I didn't take it to Miami like EVERYONE I KNOW because honestly, the point of a trip is to get away from the people you always see and not be dancing with guys from school like my homegirls did . . .but the college girl in me still has to get Miami in before im officially grown so we're headed down Memorial Day Weekend:)
Now it's back to finishing these last few weeks before May 12th. Wow. April is next week so May . .. .I don't even want to think about it.


  1. What are you doing after graduation, chica?

  1. you have been flying around busy!

  1. Elle* said...:

    Like I said, you are a social butterfly! ;) I'm trying to be like you, Miss, rubbing elbows with editors and stuff!

  1. shani-o said...:

    I can't believe I just read this! You're so good at remembering stuff. I'd probably be like... umm... I saw Charreah this weekend. We had fun.

    lol... can't wait to see you this weekend?