Girl Power!!!

April 4, 2007

Last night I and the Bad Girl had the pleasure of hearing Lisa Price, founder and owner of Carol's Daughter. She was so amazing. She was honest, funny and completely a breathing example dream's come true. I know I was a bit cliche' by wearing my Almond Cookie Oil but I was excited. She kept referring to Carol's Daughter as her baby - well she noted she's a teenager now - and throughout had these wonderful analogies to entrepreneurship and motherhood - the sacrifices she made for her baby and she def deserves to be a proud mama. She then told us she has two sons like 9 and 11 and just adopted a baby girl.
Girl Power!
"She's from Brooklyn." That's what she says laughing as she shares how people always assume she adopted the baby from another country. Me and Elle were just in the Harlem store and I told her so.
Then today I go hear Michelle Miller from CBS News and Michelle Hord who use to be the senior producer of Good Morning America, produced for the Oprah show and is THE talent director for ABC News. Heavy hitters, grads of the school and great speakers (I see why there in communications:)
Girl Power!
Mel B, who we all know from her days in the Girl Power Super group Spice Girls, goes and has her baby on Eddie Murphy's birthday who she claims and I think is the dad. True Girl Power!
*So even if its not his he'll always think of the kid on his birthday .
Now, some guys love to call girls feminist because we are for the upliftment and equality of women. In the last two days Ive been called a feminist . . . twice. Both times it was said as if being a feminist is a bad thing when honestly my comments were only in support of women kind. I read Davinci Code. I know how women have gotten played to the left throughout history. But seriously, they saying Im a feminist with such venom is like Fox news calling Barack Obama a racist because his church is pro-black. ridiculous. Just because Im trying to catch up doesn't mean Im trying to tear any other group down.
"Girl Power" for women of color has always been an interesting balance. Are we black or woman first? Would you feel more like yourself as a black man or a white woman? What's worse? Sexism or Racism?
Well, the presidential race has brought those two identities to the limelight. I prematurely thought the Hilltop had wrongfully left off Obama on a chart today on money candidates had raised for the primaries (sorry roomie!:) Then she "learned" me (just paying homage to my southern folks who switch learned and taught . . .how that happens, i dunno) that he hadn't released the numbers. Well, he did after seeing everybody elses. He beats seasoned Hill Clinton. Read more. Good stuff. For someone who has always raised less money in his campaigns this is a really big deal. Im reading his book 'Dreams from my father' and truly would love to see him as president. Did I tell you guys about that time I saw him at Reagan real low key? only with one aide?
So girl power also means owning your sexuality. Me and Mikey have been having this "debate" on Beyonce emulating gay culture. He wins.
speaking of being sexy . . .sometimes when you're sexual energy is high your considered a vixen . . .speaking of Vixen, checked out my clip on Vibe Vixen's website? ok, ok. I know that was a WACK way to try and lead into my short piece on eyeglasses but I feel like I talk too much about myself on this blog . . . I just am reaaaaally excited. can you tell?
Well, Im jamming to Amy Winehouse's first album Frank thanks to Mikey and aboard the band wagon proudly waving my British flag.

Queen who hearts Girl Power!


  1. Mademoiselle M said...:

    I'm interested in knowing more about that debate you had about Beyonce...

    by the way, I'm a friend of Whitney and I love your blog. I've been reading it for a while now. Any friend of the bad girl must be amazing ;)