The Love Below

April 18, 2007
This is for you Mademoiselle:)
Me and Mikey had a pretty interesting convo a few weeks back as Beyonce's 'video anthology' hit YouTube.
Now we both are big B' fans, as our tipsy nights in the Village blasting Deja Vu on our ipods(you know, when I felt the weight of what's it like to be different from everyone around you as the only straight person on the pier) last summer.
So it completely shocks me when he calls her out as a wanna-be drag queen with her dances. She dances like a gay man and emulates gay culture he says and Im completely dumbfounded.
As I sprout off how can a woman who is well, a woman, be dancing like a man who's trying to dance like her?
He points out her 'entourage' in Freek Um dress and I have to admit he has a point.
He says we already know her choreographer is gay. I give a little more.
He adds that whole 'Snap for the kids' in Get Me Bodied (LOVE THAT VIDEO!) isnt for some children of Destiny but 'kids' alludes to gay men, something I had no idea of.
My argument continues to deflate.
I mention it to The Bad Girl and she tells me how Mama Tina has her three gay men entourage that go with her everywhere and were at the shoot (Yes, Whit actually got to go the Beyonce shoot last summer . . .yes, you are allowed to hate her for it:) so, she get it from her mama?
Naw, Naw. Beyonce's a woman though, I want to scream. A woman who wants to be a woman. He says how all the gay clubs kill the music and she knows what she's doing.
I give trying to argue and retreat to my ignorance cuz its comfortable as hell.

Then girl talk with LaToya leads to talking about the fellas. Im telling her what I think of this guy she likes(only because she asked), and just my philosophies on relationships and she hits me with this:
"I feel you have a slight penis."
I'm dumbfounded yet again.
Do I really come off as boy-like in the mind? Underneath all the huff and puff I really am a romantic.
Wait though, is that how guys are? With zero game Im still trying to figure em out, but I hope when I do, I don't find myself looking at myself.
Her comment really had me going me.
Then I smile . . . Maybe I really am a Chocolate Beyonce:)


P.S. Mikey totally lost the only Beyonce debate that matters . . .he said Freekum Dress was better than Get me Bodied. WHAT????????????


  1. La said...:

    Oh honey yes.

    Beyonce in her videos looks just like all my favorite queens in the club, lol. And yes chile, them kids LOVE HER TO DEATH.

    You don't believe me? Ask your favorite gay boy (as a straight woman you better have one) to take you to a gay club on a Thursday or Saturday. You'll see what he means. (No Tuesdays- stripper nights, Friday depending on the venue is usually full of homothugs which is just SUPER depressing).

    She's smart as hell though. Please believe I will have the strongest and most vast gay fan base since Madonna, lol.

  1. Elle* said...:

    Girl, yes...The hair, the clothes, the makeup...all the makings of a tranny at heart! LOL! But she's working the hell out of it and I don't blame her. She's fiiieeerce and they love her!

    "Snap for da kids..."

  1. Mademoiselle M said...:

    OMG! Since I'm accross the seas and I'm WAY behind on my American pop culture, I hadn't seen the two videos you mentioned. Within the first ten seconds of looking at the Freakum Dress video (on youtube of course) I was like Whoa... he was so right! LOL

    It almost saddens my heart, cuz like Elle said, my girl is fierce. Anywhoo, look how successful Madonna and Cher are.. not such a bad strategy if you ask me!

  1. Mademoiselle M said...:

    and, oh yea, thanks ;-)

  1. jameil1922 said...:

    you guys are hilarious. and of course she dances like a drag queen. she dresses like one too. all that weave and all those sequins plastered everywhere. um... was there ever any doubt?

  1. Little Lady said...:

    Interesting blog, I am a reformed Beyonce' hater. I use to be one of those that couldn't stand her, now I absolutely love her!

  1. Darby said...:

    You know, in the beginning I would have agreed with you that Get Me Bodied was better... but I've grown to like Freakum Dress better now. Sorry. lol

    And sadly, my theme song right now is Green Light... green means GO!

  1. the joy said...:

    get me bodied is so fosse. loves it.

    and oh yes. you should hear my there's a person in my life who peeks out of his closet every time bey comes on. and did you see lil 4 year old do irreplaceable?

    dont worry. i have a slight penis too.