Hate This Post is Necessary

April 17, 2007

So, I have been having lots of thoughts running through my head to put a new post on this blog. Went grocery shopping last week and bought this box of 'Buckwheat' Aunt Jemima pancake mix that totally made me look twice.

Have been swamped with work but got my senior thesis done rounded out at 57 pages. Yay!

Was truly blessed and encouraged after this amazing sermon Sunday at chapel by Otis Moss III.
Bought 40 more invitiations and sent to my mom to round out or count to 100 for people that are getting invitations to my graduation. (My party is on June 16th in Atlanta, let me know if you can come!!!:)

Then I'm back with my student dentist (the dental cutie was hanging around too:) yesterday getting a filling on tooth 12 when the supervising dentist and professor comes in to tell us 22 students at Virginia Tech are DEAD.

Im thinking she can't be right. They just were shot. One person can't kill that many people . . .can they?

So like all of you Im sure I continue to watch the news and the weight of the situation sinks in.

In the school of c counseling office. Number has risen to 26 dead, more than 20 injured.

Go to the Yard to pick seats for Bison Ball. See AKAs coming out but too cold to stay.

See men putting up the graduation bleechers on the Yard and we scream!

Go to library. Count is now to 31 dead.

I wonder allowed. "Where do they keep finding more bodies?"

Then I realize, these are the same bodies.

Some just didn't make it.


But I still think something may be wrong with me because the news isn't really sinking in like it should.

I can't get sad though I know I should be.

Who is the killer I wonder? How did this happen?

Throughout the night I keep looking for updates.

I get up this morning and do my last minute study think for Judo.

I watch Robin on GMA and like her red suit. I turn to CBS.

He's holding a picture of this smiling brunette . . .a freshman.

She's dead.

Shot in French class. I feel it. I feel the pain. I feel Edith's facebook status "That could have been us"

I read CNN and students are quoting saying how they had to play dead. The shooter left, with a class of 25 only 4 of them not shot. He hears them talking once he leaves. Comes back. They have to pile up against the door so he cant come in because the door wont lock. He starts shooting through the door.
I think Douglass Hall. I can feel.
Honestly, I just needed to write this for myself to look at my hands move across the keyboard. Be thankful Im alive and come to gripes with the world we live in.



  1. La said...:

    When I heard about V Tech I immediately started bawling; I couldn't imagine if that had been my beloved alma mater, if those had been my friends, my mentors, my classmates, my sisters and brothers.

    On a lighter note, giiiiirl why did I BURST INTO TEARS when I saw them first putting the bleachers up at graduation? It wasn't until that moment that it hit me; I'd made it. All the A building fighting, all the late night Ilab nights, all the McDonald's runs and Fridays on the yard... I'd finished. I've never been more proud of me than I was at that moment. I hope you feel the same.

  1. jameil1922 said...:

    it could have been any of us. that's what's so scary. the victims' stories get me every time. i just collapse. and i think the fact that the bodies were in 4 classrooms and a stairwell may have contributed to the number as well.