Research Follies

April 22, 2007
Maybe it's the sleep deprivation but over the last few days I have really felt like a "magnet kid" - what me and BF call our moments of laughing at things that only a nerd would find hilarious. Her all time favorite is still the one when we're talking and someone says slave wages and I'm all serious as I huff out "that is such an oxymoron Slave. Wages. slaves don't make money, that's why there called slaves."
So what does this have to do with anything?
Well I've finished my two research paper, one for business law and the other for marketing and turned in my honors senior thesis today (70 pages on black college women and marriage. very interesting stuff). And though Ive turned in the pages all those interesting yet totally useless facts I learned along the way are swirling in my head. I should really be finishing my last paper for Caribbean Art Histroy I present tomorrow and will officially make me a B.A. having, well, B:) but Id much rather share . . .
*Spell Check.
Now i've noticed over the years some words I use all the time and know are words are not in microsofts spellcheck. But it through me off when it didn't recognize "maternalistic"
If that weren't bad enough the options to replace with were "materialistic" and "paternalistic." That's whats wrong with the world- don't respect moms, too into material things and think men run it all:)
* In my blaw paper "Biggie-Sized Negligence" on booming litigation in fast food, I used a transcript from ABC News's Nightline and quickly lost my appetite as it read,"You wanted a hamburger 30 years ago, it probably came from a small processing plant or a little butcher shop. And there were probably pieces of one cow or one steer in that burger. If you get a fast food hamburger, that one patty probably contains pieces of hundreds, if not thousands of different cattle, from as many as five different countries, all ground up together because these hamburgers patties are coming from factories that produce a million pounds of ground beef a day."
Well, part of the reason I was up till five editing my papers was because I had a hard time focusing Sunday and that had nothing to do with me watching Charm School . . .twice. Be sure to check Cori's blog!! I was distracted because my piece on Preachers being the foundation for MCs posted on Giant and I happen to come across it.
I loved that interesting connection of rappers and reverends from William Jelani Cobb's book. Im still so intrigued by something so obvious yet i never thought about it . . .much like the Beyonce/drag queen thing. I get it guys. I really do! (cough)
That article and finals and girl talk at Hooters tonight really have me realizing that Im about to be a straight up grown woman. Now if I could just get this job thing together. Trying to open up some opportunities so wish me luck. Know any magazine jobs in ny DO share!

Still a queen-to-be.


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