Life Update

October 21, 2007
I'm not a groupie . . .

. . . I just got caught up in the moment:)

This is what John Kennedy told me after Jay-Z's impromptu concert at Howard last fall. It had me rolling as I replied
"Something a groupie would say."

Well tonight, I went to a fabulous benefit dinner for the MacDella Cooper Foundation.

I had a ball and met a lot of cool people though I should have networked even more.
Richard Parsons was the keynote speaker and the reason for my groupie-tude
But give me a break. This man is an icon. A LEGEND. . .

. . . So that is the post I started on Oct. 10th, one of many I have started and stopped in the last two weeks. I had a fab time and wanted to tell you all about how I spoke to Mr. Parsons again and the great convo I had. I wanted to post the next day and tell how I went to this screening of Salt N Pepa's new show and the small crowd could all vouch that the show is real as the rap legends watched and laughed with us and spoke to the crowd afterwards and were every bit the emotional and honest folks on the screen.

Then I had a bit of a breakdown Friday.

Mikel Husband passed away. I felt the serious struggle of paying for my medical insurance. Mikel Husband passed away. I'm overwhelmed with all the things I need to do.
Mikel Husband PASSED AWAY.

I took it rather hard. After my melt down, a good cry, some serious prayer and a little sleep (not rest, but sleep, there is a difference) I was still weary last saturday but as the cheesy Destiny Child song goes, I put on my happy face.

My new book club had a phenomenal first meeting, all these fab young Black woman who acually like to read, even with some very sad news coming to one of our members during the meeting. Afterwards I hit this 70s themed Birthday party with India and Omena. I see plenty of familiar HU faces. Professor Lamb shoots me an email and I know she is making sure I have heard the news of Mikel. I call her and we talked for a long time as I sat on the steps of the brownstone next door to the party. She tells me how she had been emailing him recently about meeting up and he wasnt replying quickly like his usual chipper self. She then says having no idea how sick he was she happen to google him and came across my post from Charter Day where he was the reason I got the nerve to speak to Mr.Parsons and even gave me things to say, and the whole experience and post had slipped my mind. It was so ironic I saw Parsons two days before Mikel passed, using our first meeting as a conversation starter. Made me so thankful I blogged about that amazing experience and just reinforced what a great guy Mikel Husband was.

So, no excuse for not blogging in the last week or so (And I was doing sooo good!!) I went to DC for the funeral and my first homecoming as an alum. I had so much fun with my bestest and really had a recharge I desperately needed;). Pics and post coming soon.