October 4, 2007
Nothing beats it.

deep breath. All's right in my world. The second I start to doubt that something always reminds me. This time it was some remarkable women in journalism at the 2007 JAWS retreat and some fabulous new friends. That trip I told you about? GREAT. Reminded me of the power and need of journalism and also how far women have had to fight to be taken serious in the business. As a Black woman, sometimes issues of race weigh me down so I get stuck on the Black and never make it to the issues of the woman.

Peace. Me sitting on the dock of Sturgeon Bay.

I was so inspired by these women I was motivated to write a poem and performed it at the conference's talent show. I don't consider myself a poet but was definitely loving the love they gave me. Sheryl Hillard Tucker was phenomenal as the keynote speaker. But it wasn't her speech that did it for me which was great, but the fact each time she was asked a question she took the time to really think about it and was honest and candid, instead of telling people fluff answers they might like to hear. I always love a thinker.

I had a chance to interview her a few weeks before for MPA. She has an amazing story of success and feel free to read the profile of her that posted Tuesday and let me know what ya think. For anyone interested in magazines, while you're there be sure to join magazine mentoring, a new initiative Shaunice kicked off to get girls like me who are interested in magazines linked with successful mentors! Networking is always key . . .

Which is probably why I took the finding of Nailah Franklin's body extra hard last week. I felt like I knew her or would have eventually met her with how small this world is, especially for "us." Bisi from Heart and Soul actually went to high school with Nailah and they were on the track team. And it wasn't just that. Wednesday we got pictures in from her sister as they continued there organized search and said they knew in their hearts she was alive. I cropped and built our photo gallery with her pics. So Thursday morning when CNN says they found a body and were waiting on word if it was her my heart dropped expecting to hear the worst but praying for the best. Once the dreadful news was confirmed I was defeated and wondering what do I do with this gallery saying help find her. That moment made life, death and journalism all to real to me as I changed the captions to update the new news. Sitting in Chicago at my layover Friday she was heavy on my heart. But from all accounts she lived an amazing life and I pray for her restful peace and her family finds peace in the tragic lost.


My peace was seriously disturbed Tuesday night with Konvict's Ray Lavender humping across the stage talking bout hitting it from the back and every side, and his "girl got a girlfriend" hit being the mildest of his lyrics. All I could think was what would my new feminist friends think. It was cool though to see Gabrielle Union, Terrance Howard, Bob Johnson, Irv Gotti and my new stalker Diddy:) in the crowd.

Tonight I hit Z's surprise bday happy hour and me and Tola were suppose to keep heading to YBF's party like my boss asked but we didn't make it:(. I put on my FB wall I felt like myself again earlier this week and seeing Z and J reminded me of last summers fun! All I need is Deja Vu on the radio and a soco lime shot:) Saturday Z's having a costume party and at the lounge everybody was talking about costumes. On the train ride home I was racking my brain for ideas and got the urge to do Madonna. Now all I need is a cone bra and a cabbage patch doll to be my Malawian baby. Ha.



  1. jameil1922 said...:

    peace is bangin, mini madonna. love it!!