The Real Thing

September 26, 2007
I am. . . .
God is. . .
I like . . .
The Real Thing.
I'm listening to Jill Scott's and I LOVE it. Jameil was right as usual. I picked up the album after the freelance class me and Kish are taking. It was the second week and it was so good to see her (she was all fab in Paris last week celebrating her bday:). She walked with me over to the Virgin store in Time Square afterwards to scoop it up. Then at the N stop at 49th we had a life-job heart to heart for like a half hour both with heels on. The convo was that serious.

Power is the Real Thing.
Mademoiselle M, asked what was the big deal about my classmate I randomly saw yesterday who was a buyer for Vickie's. As someone who has a thing for power and loves me a powerful man (Barack, Richard Parsons, Ken Chenault, Ossie, Martin, need I continue?:) a buyer is important because they are a serious gate keeper for a big part of our lives - the clothes we wear that express the people we are. So being a buyer for Victoria's Secret means she probably decided the store would carry the undies and Betsey Johnson bra you have on now. Cool, right:)?
The freelance class has me so inspired to turn random thoughts like this one into stories which equal cash which mama desperately needs. If I don't post over the weekend, it's only because I'm heading to a retreat in Green Bay. I'm waay excited and looking forward to the R&R.


  1. jameil1922 said...:

    shouts!! whooooooo!! lol. i kind of can't stand betsey johnson. its all TOO MUCH!! her clothes yell at me... and not in a good way. i've really tried to like her stuff but i just don't. hurray for r&r sis, enjoy!!