A Long Walk

September 25, 2007
Jill Scott's new album came out today. I LOVE her music. Planned to go get it on during lunch but forgot me and John were suppose to meet for lunch. Great to see him. He's working at King and we could definitely relate to life as an EA (freelance and all). Afterwards we're walking down the block when I spot Erin, who also went to HU with us, and I just have one of those moments when you really think about where you are in life and how much you've well, lived and changed. We were in the same freshman english class and here we are walking the streets of NY as young professionals. We life only a few blocks away from each other in Harlem. She then tells me she works at Victoria Secret around the corner as a buyer. We say are good byes and promises to connect, which I definitely am because I told ya I'm trying to expand my network in the area.
Walking I tell John how cool it is she is buyer for Vickie's.
"Yeah, I guess, so she just buys clothes?" he says. CLASSIC. Gotta love a straight manly man;)
After work I felt I had too much to get home to do to get the cd. And honestly, Im a bit nervous because listening to a few songs she played on the Steve Harvey show yesterday had me thinking the pain of a divorce would be in the whole cd. I know artist grow but I love ballad Jill, not heartbroken. Maybe it's my own fear of getting my heart broke that makes me not want to listen to one of my favs sing about it. Well, tomorrow I still plan to scoop it up. Anybody take a listen?


  1. jameil1922 said...:

    yes girl and i LOOOOOOVE it!!!

  1. Mademoiselle M said...:

    after India (who absolutely has no competition in my fave artist category), Jill is prob my next favorite artist ever. I didn't realize she had a new CD out though... I will check it out.

    And what's so cool about being a buyer for Vickie? I'm all ears...